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Outriders: How To Pause Game In Single Player Mode

Not sure how to pause Outriders in single player? A certain section of players can make it happen. Read on to know how.

Outriders is fun to play with friends as well as singleplayer  and solo players have a question on their minds. How to pause Outriders? Is this ability provided? Yes, this game is online-only and there isn’t an option to pause officially but you can if you have the Nvidia GPU. Here’s how to pause the game while playing Outriders.

How to Pause Game while Playing Outriders Solo (PC)


Instead of following tricks like making your character hide to make it seem like the game is paused, players having Nvidia GPU can actually pause Outriders. This trick was revealed by u/Aced-Bread on Reddit who mentioned that you have to press Alt + F2 to activate Ansel. This is available only in Nvidia GPU which will then allow you to pause Outriders while you get something else done. Due to the fact that Outriders supports Nvidia Ansel, this option is possible.

how to pause outriders solo

PC players can make the most of this trick and go grab a coffee/go on a toilet break/check up on kids while paused. If not that, you can simply use the camera to take beautiful and detailed screenshots if they want. By activating Ansel, you get a Free Camera which you can use to compose your scene and take high quality pictures in-game. It’s a dream for those who want to take that perfect snap from their gameplay. Note that this works only if you are playing alone. In case you are in a multiplayer game, then the game won’t pause with this method.


So, if you have Nvidia GPU, go ahead and use Ansel to pause Outriders while playing solo. In case you need any more help while you are playing in the single player mode, we’ve got you covered. Head over to our Outriders guides or simply search what you are confused about in our search bar.

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