How To Nosegrab The Hubba Gap On Streets In THPS 1 + 2

If you want to know how to complete the Nosegrab the Hubba Gap challenge, here's how to do it.

Among the various challenges you will have to complete in THPS, Nosegrab the Hubba Gap on Streets will be one of the easiest to do. But of course, you need to know two things for that – where is the Hubba Gap location on Streets and how to do the Nosegrab trick easily. Once both of these things are clear, you will be able to strike this challenge off your list.

Hubba Gap Location – Where To Nosegrab

When you start the level, go a bit ahead and then go downwards on the slope and take a left. Then take a right. You will see a ramp right there. What you see in front of it (the overpass) is the Hubba Gap. Now your mission is to Nosegrab over it and that needs speed. Make sure your speed stats are good because that will definitely help.

What will make things super easy for you is to get your Special meter full. Perform tricks all around this overpass to do that. Finally, you must get enough speed by utilizing the walls on either side of the structure and do a Nosegrab over the overpass. This brings us to the next question on your mind which is…

How to do a Nosegrab?

Doing a Nosegrab in THPS 1+2 isn’t tough if you know exactly which buttons to use. You have to hold up and then press B on Xbox One and Circle on PS4 to grab the board from the front. That’s the Nosegrab trick you have to do on the Hubba Gap to complete the Streets Park Goal.

‘That’s everything on how to Nosegrab the Hubba Gap on Streets in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. We have more guides on THPS 1+2 Streets level like where to find the SKATE letters on Streets, Secret Tape location, Alien Plushies location, and more.