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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: Alien Plushies Locations

Here are all 19 Alien Plushies locations in THPS 1 + 2 we've found that'll help you unlock The Truth Is In Here trophy and Roswell Alien skater.

There are a lot of challenges in THPS that require searching for things all around a certain location. One such challenge is to find all Alien Plushies location in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. If you are stuck and not able to find the Alien plushie (and earn The Truth Is In Here PS4 Trophy), you are not alone – they are tough to find. But look no further, here’s every Alien Plushies locations in the game.

Where to Find All Alien Plushies (Locations Guide) in THPS


To unlock Roswell Alien, you are required to collect all Alien Plushies and there are 19 of them. Unlike the S-K-A-T-E letters, these plushies are not very clearly visible, so here’s where you can get them. Collect them all to unlock the Roswell Alien which has some special moves of his own.




As you enter the gate, you have to take a left where there’s a ramp. On its right, you will find the plush toy.


Once you enter the level, turn around and then go towards your left. Jump towards the grass area and look to your left. It will be hidden in the shadow.


Mall Alien Plushie


Keep going ahead in the Mall until you reach an area where the floor design is like this. Stop right there and turn to your right. Again, it will be sneakily kept in the shadows. Look for it next to a door under a PARKING sign.


Skate Park

In Skate Park, you have to turn back from where you start and wall ride your way to the top where you will see a plush toy.



Jump up from the “Underground Parking” sign and go left. Keep going straight from there and follow the path. Your goal is to get to the roof of the building and get to a corner where the toy is located.

Downhill Jam

Turn back from where you start and you will see it on your right.


Head to Margo’s Diner by going down the slope and then turning right. Find the plushie on its roof.

The Hangar

The first step is to find a helicopter which can be done by breaking the glass on your left. Grind on the blades of the chopper and then, go where a new entrance will reveal itself. As you enter, the plushy will be on your left.


Turn left as soon as you start and look for it on a beam that you need to jump to get to.

School II

You need to do these steps: Take a right, follow the path with railing, jump up on the brick wall and go up to the green colored roof. That’s where it will be.


Go straight and head towards the tree area. Knock over the post that you see which will break a wooden barrier. Enter the newly revealed space and keep going until you see the Plushy on the left side near a gate.

Roswell Alien Plushies Location

You have to find a tunnel by taking the left path. Once the door opens, make your way towards the left side of the door.

NY City

When you start the level, you need to take a right and then once you are down below, turn back. There will be a quarterpipe next to some plants behind which you will find the Alien Plushie.

Venice Beach

Turn left when you start and then turn right towards the ASH! graffiti. Use the quarterpipe to get to the wooden deck on the other side. Turn around and you will see it.


The plush toy here is kept in a hidden area. For that to open up, you have to do the Hanging rail grind. When the door on your right opens, ride through it and turn right. There will be a plushie near a quarterpipe, higher up on the building.


Again, you have to do something in order to open the secret door. From the start of the level, turn left and find a wire connected to a poles. Grind on the hanging wire (near a tree) and knock down the pole attached to it. This will break the fence and you can enter the area now. Skate towards the right and  look for it under the stairs in the shadows.

The Bullring

When you begin, go towards the right and Ollie towards the stands area where there is no seating. Follow the path and you will notice the Alien Plushie on your way.

Chopper Drop

Jump out of the chopper – turn left and then right. When you’re up near the railing, you will see it right there.

Skate Heaven

This is the last one which needs 100% completion in other levels of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Only then it will this map unlock. Look for a blue glowing rail that you have to grind. This will open the volcano (in the middle section of the map) that you need to enter to open a secret area.

To do that, you have to look for a face graffiti (pictured above). You have to Boneless off it to enter the volcano which will most likely take a few attempts. Once you have done that, you will be in a secret location. Take a left and you will some chairs at the edge of a cliff. Go a bit further ahead and you will see the Plushie.

This is how you can visit all 19 locations and collect all the Alien Plushies. Doing this will earn you ‘The Truth Is In Here’ trophy.

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