New Valorant Progression System Explained

The progression system of Valorant is completely overhauled with new daily rewards system, free in-game currency, and more.

Valorant has introduced a new progression system in the latest Episode 7, Act 1, which revamps the daily rewards, and agent unlocking, and includes free in-game currency. With these new features, players get more incentive to grind the game for better rewards. Moreover, it gives players some freedom to choose their rewards instead of progressing through lengthy tiers. Here, you’ll learn about the new changes in Valorant’s latest progression system.

What’s New in Valorant’s Latest Progression System

New changes in Valorant's Progression system
Image Source: playvalorant

The new progression system encourages players to play more matches with the following introductions to the game:

  • Better Daily Missions & Rewards
  • New Kingdom Credits Currency
  • Agent Recruitment Event
  • Accessory Store

Better Daily Missions & Rewards

New Daily Missions and Rewards

The daily rewards system is completely overhauled in this new progression system. Earlier, players had to perform certain tasks to earn XP and other rewards. In the new system, all you have to do is complete the four Checkpoint Diamonds. These diamonds are divided into four charges. Players can fill these charges by playing different modes in Valorant and winning rounds, except Deathmatch. Here are all the modes and the points you’ll earn for completing them:

  • Unrated: 1 Progress per round won
  • Competitive: 1 Progress per round won
  • Swift Play: 1 Progress per round won
  • Premiere: 1 Progress per round won
  • Spike Rush: 2 Progress per round won
  • Escalation: 2 Progress per round won
  • TDM: 2 Progress per round won

For completing each Diamond/Checkpoint, you will get 1,000 XP and 150 Kingdom Credits. Meaning, you can get 4,000 XP and 600 Kingdom Points every day. These dailies reset every 24 hours. Note that missing a daily will result in your 4 checkpoints turning into a catch-up bonus.

New Kingdom Credits Currency

Kingdom Credits are a new form of currency introduced in this new progression system. Players can earn this currency for free by simply completing matches. Performing feats like winning rounds or getting kills will reap bonus Kingdom Points. Players cans spend these credits by:

  • Unlocking New Agents
  • Purchasing Agent Gear
  • Shopping at the Accessory Store

Note that the Kingdom Credits are capped at 10,000 KC, to encourage players to spend more of them. To learn about KC, click here.

Agent Recruitment Events

Agent Recruitment events in Valorant new progression system
Image Source: VALORANT on YouTube

The Agent Contract system is now replaced with recruitment events in Valorant’s new progression system. Now, this event will begin as soon as a new agent is introduced in the game. Players can unlock this new agent with 200,000 XP within a specific period of this event (28 days). This is similar to reaching Tier 5 in the old system. They can also unlock the agent with Valorant Points instantly. Once the event is over, players can only unlock them with Kingdom Credits or VP.

Talking about Agent Gear, like Gekko’s Sidekick Shorty, you can unlock it in the Agent section of the game. You don’t have to progress through each tier with XP to get these items. However, the catch is that each tier’s KC cost will add up in the next tier. And since Kingdom Credits are capped at 10,000, you’ll have to complete some tiers in an order.

Accessory Store

Accessories Store in Valorant's New Progression System
Image Source: VALORANT on YouTube

With the introduction of the Accessory Store, players can spend their KC to buy old Battle Pass items like gun buddies, sprays, titles, and more. Similar to the Skin Market, this shop refreshes every week. So you can buy from the four items featured every week at this shop. The featured items will be unique for each player. Note that this shop will not feature any gun or knife skins.

That’s all from us on the new progression system in Valorant Episode 7, Act 1. The game also introduces a new Sentinel agent called Deadlock, so visit our Valorant guides section to learn more about her.