Valorant: Is Deadlock Worth Unlocking Early?

Deadlock is the latest addition to Valorant's list of agents, so check out whether you should unlock her early.

Valorant’s latest agent Deadlock comes with refreshing new abilities, causing players to think about whether she is worth unlocking early. This agent makes its debut in Episode Seven, Act One after the game revamped its progression system. Since this agent’s abilities were revealed, many players speculated about its effective defensive capabilities. Moreover, its ultimate ability caused quite a stir among the Valorant community. If you too are intrigued about Deadlock, then we will tell you how to unlock her in this game.

How to Unlock Deadlock in Valorant

How to Unlock Valorant Deadlock
Image Source: Havoc on YouTube

There are two ways players can unlock Deadlock in Valorant’s 28-day recruitment window. First is by spending VP (Valorant Points) and second is by earning thousands of XP (Experience Points). Once the Agent Recruitment Event is over, players can only unlock Deadlock for free by using the Kingdom Credits. Moreover, players with the Xbox Game Pass will get access to this agent.

Is Deadlock Worth Unlocking Early?

Deadlock’s abilities as a Sentinel make her one of the most efficient stallers in the game. So if you’re someone who prides themselves on their ability to hold down a site, playing Deadlock will be a treat for you. This agent opens up many defensive opportunities for teams. Moreover, you can also combine it with other agents to get confirmed kills. For example, you can combine GravNet grenade with Raze’s grenade to make sure that your opponent doesn’t escape the explosion.

Deadlock's Gravnet

Another one of Deadlock’s useful abilities is the Barrier Mesh, which can waste a significant amount of your enemy’s time. This ability generates four barriers from the origin of the disc. Although players can shoot across these barriers, they cannot pass them. This can be very useful to block entrances to sites or delay spike defuses.

Deadlock Barrier Mesh ability

Finally, Deadlock’s ultimate ability can get you a confirmed kill if you’re in a one-versus-one situation. Naturally, multiple players declared this ability as broken. But broken or not, Deadlock can be an efficient agent in the hands of the players who prefer using stall tactics.

We hope this article helps you decide whether you should unlock Deadlock early in Valorant. We have more helpful content so make sure you check out our Valorant guides section for guides like the best weapon skins.