Valorant Kingdom Points: How To Get And Use Credits

The Kingdom Points are a new form of currency in Valorant, so here's how to earn and use them.

Kingdom Points or Credits in Valorant is a brand new form of in-game currency, that you can get and use to obtain various cosmetics and agents. This new currency and a revamped progression system are introduced in the latest Episode 7, Act 1. Players now have the freedom to choose agents and their gear as they like. Moreover, they can also unlock rewards from previous battle passes. This guide will tell you how to earn and spend the new KP in Valorant.

How to Get Kingdom Points/Credits in Valorant

Getting Kingdom Points in Valorant
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Unlike Valorant Points, you won’t have to spend real money to get these points. To get Kingdom Points in Valorant, all you have to do is play and complete the matches. At the end of every match, you will receive your Kingdom Coins for free. You will get bonus points based on your performance in the match. Meaning, if you win more rounds or get more kills, you will get more KP.

How to Use Valorant Kingdom Credits

You can spend the Kingdom Points to unlock agents, get agent gear, or at the accessory shop. Note that these points are capped and you can only hold 10,000 KP at once, so make sure you spend them wisely.

Unlocking Agents

Unlock new agents with KP

Valorant has completely revamped the agent recruitment process. Now, whenever a new agent is released, you can unlock it with the usual XP or VP. However, you can only use XP within a specific period of time. Once the agent recruitment event period is over, you can only unlock new agents with Kingdom Points or Valorant Points.

Purchasing Agent Gear

Purchase agent gear

Before this update, players could get agent gear like sprays, gun buddies, and more by grinding XP. However, that system is changed in the new Episode 7, Act 1. Now, players can simply go to the agent selection screen and spend KP to get any gear they want. For example, players can directly purchase Gekko’s Sidekick Shorty without climbing the tiers. However, the amount of Kingdom Credits required will add up with every tier. So for agents with more gear, you’ll have to unlock the tiers in order.

Accessory Shop

New Accessory shop in Valorant

Similar to the skins market, Valorant has introduced a new accessory shop. Here, players can spend Kingdom Points to purchase the featured accessories like gun buddies, sprays, titles, and more, which were featured in the previous battle passes. Meaning, you can pick up the infamous “Revive Me, Jett!” spray from the accessory shop. These accessories refresh every week so make sure you keep an eye on this shop.

Now that you know how to get and use Kingdom Points in Valorant, collect them to unlock the best rewards. Along with these points, the latest update also features a new agent called Deadlock, so check out how to unlock her in our Valorant guides section.

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