New Batman Game Will Be Revealed At DC FanDome, Journalist Confirms

Can gamers also expect a new Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal to be revealed anytime soon? The well-informed journalist Jason Schreier has made a few hints about it.

In the course of yesterday, Rocksteady Studios officially confirmed that they were working on Suicide Squad and that they said goodbye to the Dark Knight after four Batman: Arkham games. However, it has long been speculated that Warner Bros. Montreal is working on another adventure of the popular superhero.

In the meantime, Jason Schreier, the well-informed journalist, has released a few more details and indicated that the new Batman game could also be revealed as part of the DC FanDome. The event is to take place on August 22, 2020, and include a teaser for Suicide Squad.

Schreier was asked via Twitter if Warner Bros. Montreal was working on the Court of Owls game that had been buzzing around the rumor mill for some time. Schreier commented the following for that accordingly: “Yeah, they were doing a Damian Wayne Batman game but then that was canceled/rebooted as well. WB Montreal’s new Batman game should also be at DC Fandome.”

Accordingly, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment seems to have the latest Batman part in its luggage in two weeks’ time. For Warner Bros. Montreal this would not be the first detour with the superhero, as they released an offshoot in 2013 with Batman: Arkham Origins.

So it will be interesting to see where the journey of Batman will lead this time and how the developers will breathe new life into the video game implementation after the Arkham series is over.

As soon as official information about the new Batman game is revealed, we will bring you up to date information on it.