Suicide Squad & Gotham Knights Game Development Confirmed At Rocksteady

The website has confirmed that the next game of Rocksteady Studios will focus on the Suicide Squad after the latest rumors and the discovery of the registration of a themed domain. The studio is known for working on the Batman Arkham series.

Just recently, in a new report by Tom Phillips, the website has reported that the full name of the game, also leaked from the domains registered by WB Games through a third party company. These domains include “” and “” which, according to the publication, relating to the new game from the producers of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Apparently, the second domain will be a strong candidate for the final title of the work.

Although this detail has not yet been defined, it is a “contender for the game’s final title, and a good summation of what you can expect Rocksteady’s next big project to be about.”

The other domain, “”, is related to the next Warner Bros game. Montreal, producer of Batman: Arkham Origins. As you will recall, the work has been entitled to some teasers in recent months, although the announcement is late. If the previous rumors are correct, the work will have links to the Court of Owls.

Both projects are expected to receive “teasers” at DC Fandome on August 22, as learned from, but will not come out close to each other.

“Expect to see very little of Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad, which is further off from launch,” reads the website’s report. Gotham Knights would be closer, however, as both projects are being developed for next-gen consoles namely PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Rocksteady is working “for years” in the game of Suicide Squad, which should be a GaaS (Games as a service), although there have been rumors about the potential involvement in a Superman title.