FF16 Muddy Murder Flan Prince Location

Use this Notorious Hunt guide and find the location of Muddy Murder Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16.

Defeating Muddy Murder Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16 is necessary for obtaining Gelatinous Mass and crafting Drakeslayer’s Bracelets. This slimy monster ranks high and gives reasonable EXP, Ability Points, Gil, and Renown, thus making it the must-hunt. And those who are aiming for any of these rewards, this FF16 Muddy Murder Flan Prince location guide is all you need.

Notorious Mark Muddy Murder Flan Prince Location in FF16

Muddy Murder Location Final Fantasy XVI

Muddy Murder Flan Prince is found near Hawk’s Cry Cliff Obelisk of The Imperial Province of Rosaria in FF16. You can use the Obelisk to fast travel at the location. The Flan Prince is an “A Rank” enemy of level 38. It is the seventh monster of the Notorious Mark Hunt Board. Those who have not unlocked Hunt Board can complete the “Gathering Storm” quest to access the Notorious Mark. After that, complete the six Notorious Mark challenges and get to the main quest “Bolts from the Blue” to take Muddy Murder Flan Prince’s bounty in Final Fantasy 16.

Apart from the drop of rare material Gelatinous Mass you get 5200 EXP, 95 AP, 12000 Gil, and 30 Renown by defeating this Muddy Murder of FF16. It has a metallic color slime-like body and only appears from inside the grounds when you get near. As soon as it jumps out from the ground you see its introduction scene. So get ready to fight as soon as the scene appears.

The FF16 Muddy Murder Flan Prince has many heavy attacks, but Hands Down is the most deadly among them. In the Hands Down, it will first try to smash you with one hand and then try to crush you with both hands. You have to quickly jump to the side and attack it while it is engaged in that move. It doesn’t move much, but its hands can stretch and grow large, so dodging and attacking is the best strategy for defeating this monster.

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