What Does The Lute In Mortal Shell Do?

Does the Lute in Mortal Shell only serve as a musical (and slightly comedic) relief amidst the dark world? Or does it have some actual purpose?

The Simple Lute in Mortal Shell is something that you can consume. When you do that, you will basically sit on the floor and start playing your Lute. Interesting addition but does it have an actual purpose in the game? What does the Lute in Mortal Shell do and how to use it to get any benefit? Get all the answers for this in this Mortal Shell guide.

Mortal Shell Guide: What the Lute does in Mortal Shell

To put it simply, you can lure enemies in with the Lute in Mortal Shell. How? Well, when you consume the Lute and start playing it, you will be essentially baiting your enemies. Your guts will make the nearby enemies angry and they will come towards your current position, ready to attack.

The Simple Lute in Mortal shell can be found in the Fallgrim area’s camps in a chest. It can also be dropped by enemies. But when you meet Vlas, the merchant, you will be able to buy one Lute that will cost 600 Tar. Upon getting Familiarity with it, you will unlock the option to bait enemies from a distance. You can increase familiarity by using it over and over again. Go ahead and do this when things are in your favor. Mastering it will be essential for you to lure the creepy foes.

If you look at it though, playing the Lute in the middle of a depressing world will surely make any opponent furious. Any hint of happiness or fun in this environment is unacceptable, you see. If you want to increase the difficulty level even more, lure enemies in the Obsidian Dark Mode.

That’s what the Lute in Mortal Shell actually does apart from being a melodious instrument. You can consume it in the middle of a battle because your absolute fearlessness might horrify your enemies even more. Just kidding, you will get killed if you do that.

Also remember that your Simple Lute might break after you use it a few times. There’s something called Impervious Lute also that cannot break but it works the same way as the Simple Lute. The Impervious Lute can be obtained at Fallgrim as a drop from a Brigand.

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