How To Farm Glimpse In Mortal Shell Quickly

Quickly farm and gather a stock of Glimpse in Mortal Shell.

Glimpse is one of the primary currency in Mortal Shell. Hence, it is obvious that players will want to farm as much of Glimpse as possible. These are the primary sources to purchase items from merchants in Mortal Shell and upgrade their abilities. Farming Glimpse would not at all be easy in Mortal Shell. Having said that, there is an alternative way to farm a decent amount of glimpses within a few minutes and without much effort. In this guide, we will show you that alternative and easy way to quickly farm Glimpse in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Guide: How to Farm Glimpse in No-Time

Firstly, if you think that this method is going to be easy, it won’t. In fact, to farm Glimpse through this way, you will have to defeat at least one of the three bosses in the game. When you defeat a boss and get the gland back to the prisoner in the Fallgrim Tower, an NPC character Thestus is unlocked. This character will give you access to this method of quickly farming Glimpse.

You need to interact with Thestus and pay him 1 Glimpse (a small investment) to summon the Fog Overworld. The Fog Overworld will spawn two Grishas. All you have to do is kill these two Grishas to get a total of 12 Glimpse and 1500 Tars. Sounds easy, but it won’t actually be. Grishas are mini-bosses in Mortal Shell, hence, killing them will be though. You will need powerful weapons like Ballistazooka and an ample amount of the healing item Weltcap to be able to defeat Grishas.

The good thing here is that the Grishas are always spawned at the same location. One Grisha is spawned at an enemy camp alongside the river with poisonous frogs. This is the camp where you would have first got Impervious Lute. Second Grisha is spawned under the largest tree across the woods with the hanging bats.

When you get used to the route to Grishas and defeating them, you can repeat this run multiple times to get a profit of 11 Glimpse for each run. When familiar, you can easily complete this run in 6-7 minutes, which means almost 2 Glimpse every minute. What can be faster than this?

So this is how you can quickly farm Glimpse in Mortal Shell. You can also get Glimpse from collectible items which are marked as Glimpse or generic. Apart from this, you can get upgradable items (for which Glimpse is used) by unlocking the locked chests in the game. Keep farming Glimpse and keep a stock of it so that you never get stuck in Mortal Shell.