How To Unlock Obsidian Dark Mode In Mortal Shell

If you are one of those players who find the difficulty level of Mortal Shell too easy, try the Obsidian Dark Mode that will take things up to a whole new level.

There is a Strange Altar in Mortal Shell in Fallgrim hub. When you enter it, you can unlock the Obsidian Dark Mode. What is this mode, you ask? Well, when you activate this mode, you can increase the difficulty to the highest possible level. It is a tough game on its own, but if you want to experience the pleasure in the pain, here’s how to get the Obsidian Dark Mode In Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Obsidian Dark Mode: How to Activate

Before diving into its activation, here’s what Obsidian Dark Mode actually means. Basically, in your Obsidian Dark Form, you will renounce all shells and lose all progress you have made with respect to shells. Apparently, your opponents will get more aggressive too so it ramps up the difficulty a lot. To compensate for not having a shell, you get more stamina that lasts longer.

Here’s the warning you will see before attempting to initiate it.


Want to get this mode? This is where to find the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell.

Strange Alter Location: How to Find It

In Fallgrim Hub, you need to go to the swamp area and run past the enemies.


From there, head left. There will be some bear traps on the way and some enemies in tents. Escape their attacks and keep going ahead. Soon, you will spot a huge frog statue, turn right form here.


When you see a cave, enter it.


Interact with the statue inside the cave to get the pop up. At this point, you can think about your decision to renounce all shells. If you choose YES, a short cutscene will play and your ‘no shell’ version will get revealed. You will also get a notification that your Glimpses and Shell progress is lost.

That’s how to get the Obsidian Dark Mode in Mortal Shell through the Strange Altar. It is ideal for those who want an extreme challenge in an already challenging game. If you are used to Soulslike games and don’t mind the ruthlessness of the situation you are in, go ahead and try this mode out.

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