How To Get Tars And Glimpses In Mortal Shell: Currencies guide

This currency guide will help you get Tars and Glimpses easily in Mortal Shell.

There are two in-game currencies in Mortal Shell: Tars and Glimpses. This guide is all about how you can get currencies easily, where you can use them, and where you can farm them quickly. Tars and Glimpses are both very vital in the game. They allow you to purchase abilities and upgrade them making your character much stronger for facing tough enemies. Hence, you must make sure that you always have an abundance of tars and glimpses with you. If you are wondering how to get that much amount, here’s your Mortal Shell currencies guide.

How to Get Tars And Glimpses in Mortal Shell

You can see the total numbers of Tars and Glimpses in your pocket on the bottom right corner of your screen. The left number shows total Tar and the right one is the amount of Glimpse you have. In this Mortal Shell, currencies guide you will get to know how you can get both Tars and Glimpses and where you can find them easily.

Getting Tars

Tars are much easier to get as compared to Glimpses. You can get them by killing enemies on your way. Every enemy that you defeat drops a small amount of Tar. The value depends on the strength of the enemies you defeat. More dangerous foes yield more Tar.

Farming Glimpses

There are two primary sources to get Glimpses in Mortal Shell. One is through enemies just like getting Tars and the other is by farming certain items. The first source; however, is not certain as not every killed enemy will drop Glimpses. The drop depends on your luck and the enemy type. To get it by farming you have to collect certain items marked as Glimpses or generic. Some of the common items that give you Glimpses are Glimpse of Wisdom, Glimpse of Affection, and Glimpse of Futility.

There is also an alternative way to get a huge amount of Tars and Glimpses. To farm Glimpses and Tars through this method, you must have completed at least one of the three temples. Completing temples gives you access to NPC Thestus, who will help you farm Glimpses much more quickly. You have to go to Thestus and pay one Glimpse to summon the Fog Overworld. The Fog Overworld will spawn 2 Grishas. Find these two Grishas and defeat them. They will drop 6 Glimpses and 750 Tars each. Thus, you will get 12 Glimpses and 1500 Tars within a few minutes, if you have the courage to face the Fog Overworld.

Where to use Tars and Glimpses

The most important use of Tars and Glimpses in Mortal Shell is to purchase items from various Merchants in the game. These items are skills and upgrades that will increase your character’s stats. Tars and Glimpses can also be used in various other activities and tasks in the game.

This is how you can get and farm Glimpses and Tars in Mortal Shell. Apart from this currency guide, you can also read our guides on how to open locked chests in Mortal Shell and how to farm Weltcap, the healing item. Locked chests will contain valuable items and Weltcap will gradually increase your health. This will help you defeat bosses and see to the end of the game. To further increase your chances of winning, you can learn how to fast travel and unlock new weapons in Mortal Shell.