Monarch Butterfly In ACNH: How To Catch, Sell Price, Location

Here's everything about the Monarch Butterfly in ACNH including info on how to catch, sell price, spawn location, timing, months of availability and more.

A new addition to the list of September bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the Monarch Butterfly. Do you want to catch this beautiful orange-brown butterfly that will be fluttering its wings on your island? Then we’ve got you covered. In this Monarch Butterfly in ACNH guide, you will know the location, time to catch and selling price of this lovely insect.

Monarch Butterfly Animal Crossing New Horizons

People on North Hemisphere islands can catch the Monarch Butterfly in ACNH from September to November. Those in the South can capture it from March to May.

There are specific timings when the Butterfly will spawn and that is from 4 am to 5 pm. There’s also a condition that it doesn’t have to rain because if it does, the Monarch Butterfly will not spawn.

Where to find it specifically? Flowers, mostly. In fact, they are more prone to spawn on hybrid flowers so check the link to know how to grow them. If not on flowers, they can be seen flying all over your island.

How to Catch it & What’s the Selling Price?

Make sure to have your net equipped beforehand and swing it right on the Monarch Butterfly by pressing A. It’s selling price is 140 Bells if you choose to sell it at Nook’s Cranny and 210 Bells if you sell it to Flick. Yes, the selling price is very low because this butterfly is not rare by any means.

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