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How To Get Acorns In Animal Crossing New Horizons ACNH (2021)

Here's how you can get the Animal Crossing New Horizons acorns fast. Use this new Fall crafting item to craft various new DIY recipes.

Acorns in Animal Crossing New Horizons signify the arrival of the Fall season. It is an essential item to craft items and is a part of many new Fall DIY crafting recipes. New Horizons always has something new for players every month including new fish, bugs, themed items and more. This keeps the game fresh and exciting for everyone which is what I absolutely love about it. But players are wondering, how do you get Acorns in ACNH? Can you get them fast during the Autumn season? I’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Acorns: How to Get Fast

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, you can get the Acorn in Animal Crossing New Horizons from September 1 to December 10. Those in the Southern Hemisphere, you can snag it from March 1 to June 10. Don’t worry, you will be notified by Isabelle that the Fall season has begun so you can start looking for the acorns.

Now, the answer to the important question of how to get Acorns in Animal Crossing New Horizons is this: just shake some trees. Yes, instead of some extra tough process to get your hands on some acorns, all you have to do is shake Hardwood Trees. You can even visit other islands to try your chance at getting more acorns in ACNH. This is how you can get acorns fast – don’t waste time shaking fruit-bearing trees, Hardwood trees are what you need to find.

Note that you have to be really patient with it since the drop rate is low. You might have to shake the tree 10 times if not more. Keep shaking trees until you get Acorns in ACNH but if you don’t get them even after some time, move to the next tree. Once they drop, you have to pick them up. Easy peasy!

Acorn DIY Crafting Recipes in ACNH (Autumn)

The Acorn DIY Crafting Recipes for Fall season are:

Acorn Pochette

  • 6 Acorn

Traditional Balancing Toy

  • 4 Acorn
  • 2 Hardwood

Tree’s Bounty Arch

  • 4 Pine Cone
  • 5 Acorn
  • 5 Maple Leaf
  • 15 Tree Branch

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

  • 4 Acorn
  • 4 Clay
  • 5 Maple Leaf
  • 5 Pine Cone
  • 5 Tree Branch

Tree’s Bounty Lamp

  • 6 Acorn
  • 4 Clay

Tree’s Bounty Little Tree

  • 6 Pine Cone
  • 4 Acorn
  • 1 Hardwood

Tree’s Bounty Mobile

  • 2 Pine Cone
  • 3 Acorn
  • 3 Tree Branch

Yellow-Leaf Pile

  • 3 Acorn
  • 5 Clump of Weeds

How to Get Acorn DIY Recipes

To find the DIY recipes, you need to shoot down balloons carrying presents using a slingshot and also get them from Isabelle (she will send it to your NookPhone when she announces it). Hence, be sure to keep your eye on those!

That’s everything you need to know about this new seasonal item in the game. Be sure to read our other guide on how to catch a Mitten Crab, and more from our ACNH wiki.