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How To Catch A Pike in ACNH Easily

Here's how to catch a Pike in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Know its spawn location, time to catch, shadow size, selling price and lots more.

The Pike in Animal Crossing New Horizons is a part of the September new fish list and it is quite a valuable fish. If you are searching for all the information about the Pike in ACNH like its spawn location, timing, conditions, shadow size and selling price, you will get the answer right here. Here’s how to catch a Pike in ACNH.

Pike Animal Crossing New Horizons


The first thing you should know about the Pike is that you can catch it in the River. So, head over to the river on your island and begin fishing. There is no specific timing for it, you can capture it all day. It’s a big fish so its shadow size is fairly large. Here are the months when it will be available:

  • Northern Hemisphere: September to December
  • Southern Hemisphere: March to June

When you see a large shadow in the river, use your fishing rod to reel in the fish, as usual.


Pike Sell Price

If you want to sell it, you can earn 1800 Bells at the Nook’s Cranny. You can get more Bells than that if you choose to sell it to CJ whenever he arrives. Don’t want to sell? No worries, you can always donate it to Blathers’ Museum.

That’s everything on how to catch a Pike in ACNH. Apart from this creature, there are many more new additions like the Mitten Crab, Red Dragonfly, etc. Plus, since it’s the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere, players are getting their hands on some acorns and pine cones. What for? Well, you can use those to craft various Autumn-specific DIY items. We have all the info you need about acorns and pine cones in ACNH on Gamer Tweak so head over to the links right away.


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