How To Get Pine Cones In ACNH

Wondering how to get Pine Cones in Animal Crossing New Horizons fast? Get your answer right here.

Pine Cone in Animal Crossing New Horizons is yet another Fall addition apart from Acorns. The Northern Hemisphere will get Pine Cones from September 1 to December 10 and the Southern Hemisphere will get it from March 1 to June 10. In case you are wondering how to get Pine Cones in ACNH and how to use them in DIY Crafting Recipes, you will find your answer right here.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pine Cones

Like Acorns can only be collected from specific trees, Pine Cones are dropped from Pine Trees. Yes, only Pine trees, so don’t bother looking for the item elsewhere. Speed up your process by skipping other trees and hunting for Pine trees either on your island or by traveling to other islands.

Do remember that you have to be patient with the Pine Cone drops because the drop rate is relatively low but you can get unlimited pinecones from the same tree. Keep shaking the Cedar trees until you get the item you want, but if it doesn’t drop despite multiple attempts, try another one. If not a Pine Cone, you will get a lot of tree branches from this activity.

What is the Pine Cone DIY Crafting Recipe List?

Here are the items in the Pine Cone DIY Crafting Recipe list. You can get the recipes from washed up bottles or from presents flying by attached to balloons. Use your Slingshot to get those recipes. Plus, Isabelle will give you a seasonal recipe too.

Tree’s Bounty Little Tree

  • 6 Pine cone
  • 4 Acorn
  • 1 Hardwood

Tree’s Bounty Mobile

  • 2 Pine cone
  • 3 Acorn
  • 3 Tree branch

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

  • 6 Pine cone
  • 4 Acorn
  • 4 Maple leaf
  • 4 Clay

Tree’s Bounty Arch

  • 4 Pine cone
  • 5 Acorn
  • 5 Maple leaf
  • 15 Tree branch

Pine Bonsai Tree

  • 8 Pine cone
  • 5 Clay

Pile of Leaves

  • 3 Pine cone
  • 5 Clump of weeds

Leaf Campfire

  • 3 Pine cone
  • 5 Clump of weeds
  • 3 Tree branch

So, that’s everything on how to get Pine Cones in ACNH. For more latest tips, tricks, hints and more, be sure to check our ACNH wiki right away. It’s a treasure chest of all info you need to have to make the best island ever.