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MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Guide

Find out how to field in MLB The Show 21.

Fielding is an important aspect of gameplay in MLB The Show 21. You will find yourself in the field at times between innings where you will be a part of your team’s defense. As such you need to have a good hand over the game controls. With MLB The Show 21, there were a host of changes applied across the board. This rings true with the game’s fielding mechanics as well. However, fret not as it isn’t too difficult to master. Keep scrolling down to find out everything there is to know about Fielding in MLB The Show 21 and you will be robbing home runs in no time.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls


MLB The Show 21 Fielding Guide
Learn the basics of Fielding to improve your gameplay.

To look at the Fielding Controls look at the Options tab on the bottom of the screen. Once you open the options you will see a variety of Fielding Interfaces available. There are 4 fielding interfaces for you to choose from in MLB The Show 21. These are Drifting Ball, Track Ball, Catch Position Indicator Off, and Auto Fielding.

Drifting Ball is the default mode that is selected in the game. This gives a shrinking halo around your player, indicating where the ball is going to land. You can move your player around using the left analog stick on the controller. Guide the player to the center of the halo in order to position him properly.


In Track Ball the AI will give you an indication as to where the ball is going to land. The AI will initially slow it down until you make a move after which you can move your ballplayer in the direction of the ball with the left analog stick.

Auto Fielding in MLB is pretty much self-explanatory.  The AI will take care of everything for you. You won’t have to move the player around yourself. It can be pretty much hit and miss as the Auto Fielding basically functions on the basis of player stats and not much else.

You can even jump while fielding in MLB by clicking R1/RB on PlayStation/XBOX respectively. To dive for the ball you can press R2/RT on PlayStation/XBOX respectively. However, you do need to time your jump or dive to perfection or you might miss the ball completely.


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Throwing Controls in MLB

The next part of fielding is throwing the ball back to the base of your choice. Pick the base where the runner is furthest from the plate to get an easy out. Don’t waste your throw unnecessarily and make sure you take full advantage of it. When you have to throw the ball a meter appears on top of your player. Press the button prompt for the base of your choice just as the meter arrives in the perfect zone. Timing is very important and is something you can practice in Exhibition matches.


The Throwing Controls work like this:

  • Move your ballplayer by using the left analog control stick.
  • Jump by clicking R1/RB on PlayStation/XBOX respectively in conjunction with the Right Analog Stick.
  • Dive by clicking R2/RT on PlayStation/XBOX respectively in conjunction with the Right Analog Stick.
  • Switch to the closest player by clicking L2/LT on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.
  • Cutoff a baserunner by clicking on L1/LB on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.
  • If you want to throw to home plate click on X/A on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.
  • To throw to the first base click on O/B on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.
  • If the baserunner is advancing to the second base, throw it to that position by clicking Triangle/Y on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.
  • Throwing to the third base will require you to press Square/X on PlayStation/XBOX respectively.

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Change throwing interface for fielding in MLB The Show 21

Just like the Fielding interface, the throwing interface has 4 variants you can choose from. These are Button Accuracy, Buttons, Pure Analog, and Auto throwing.

Button Accuracy acts as the default mode for the game. With button accuracy active a meter will pop over the thrower’s figure. You will have to time your throw to the base of your choice by pressing the button prompt for that base at the right time. The timing is crucial and make sure you press the button prompt when the meter is in the green zone. Beware as the meter won’t go back and is only uni-directional. Doing this successfully will result in an accurate and well-timed throw.

The Buttons interface is basically Button Accuracy without the throw meter. Here you need to have a look at the baserunners and who is farthest from the base. For this, you need to constantly scour the field and keep an eye on the runners. As soon as the ball is in your hands choose the base of your choice and click on the button prompt.

Pure Analog is a mode we would suggest you stay away from. All the controls are handed over to you and it might be too daunting, especially for players new to the series. You will have to do everything on your own, including turning in the direction of the base you want to throw to. This might be a bit too much as you have to constantly keep fiddling with the controls.

Lastly comes the Auto Throwing interface. Again this does exactly what it says it does. It takes over control from you and you are basically a spectator watching the match, albeit from a much closer position. It all depends on your convenience at the end of the day. However, given a choice, we would gladly go with the Button Accuracy interface as it is the most intuitive.

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How to Rob a Home Run while fielding in MLB The Show 21

Robbing a home run is probably one of the best things you can do while fielding in the game. It looks cool in real life and the game doesn’t disappoint too. Getting a hitter out while he thought he was getting a sure-shot run is a really amazing feeling and MLB has done a great job at replicating that very thing with the Rob a Home Run feature.

Fielding has improved over previous MLB titles in the series and The Show 21 rightly accentuates that. While in the earlier versions of the game there was a red dot showing the predicted position of the ball, The Show 21 will allow a fielder to cling onto the wall and catch a ball that was bound to go over the wall and into the stands. This makes for some lifelike animations that are well projected.

As you are pursuing the ball and come against the boundary wall you will see three arrows pop up on the wall itself which will help propel your player over. Click the button prompt R2/RT on PlayStation/XBOX respectively to make your ballplayer cling to the wall. If this move is successful you will be able to get a catch out on the hitter. However, this rarely happens as most Home Runs usually end up going higher in the stands. For the spectacle though, this is an unmatched animation sequence.

This is everything that you need to know about Fielding and Throwing Controls in MLB The Show 21. While you are here make sure to check out the best hitting control settings and the best pitching settings.