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MLB The Show 21: Best Hitting Control Settings

Here's everything about the best hitting control settings in MLB the Show 21.

Wondering about the best hitting control settings in MLB The Show 21? Don’t worry we got you covered in this article. The most valuable strategy in baseball is hitting the ball accurately, so you won’t be able to score runs if you can’t bring the ball in place. It should be remembered that even the most experienced players in the world have trouble hitting the ball at times. So that being said, let’s begin.

Best Hitting Control Settings in MLB The Show 21?


The best hitting control settings in MLB The Show 21, is Directional Hitting if you are new to the series. But if you need to get a more authentic experience you can switch to the other two Hitting Controls.

Best Hitting Controls in MLB The Show 21

So here’s a brief on all available hitting control settings for you to select the best experience according to your playstyle:


Directional Hitting

The easiest way to strike a ball is by selecting Directional Hitting. With a button press or left analog stick, you can simply hit the ball in a certain direction. This is the best option you are new to the series.

For a standard swing, simply press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation with this control setting. Switching to analog controls makes this mainly a flick-based hitting approach, where you can change the ball’s path by moving a target with the left analog button.


Pure Analog Hitting

Instead of buttons, Pure Analog Hitting uses only the right analog stick. All you have to do to make a regular swing is flick the right stick up at the right time. By moving slightly to the left or right, you will change the direction of the ball.

A normal swing would result by pushing up. By easily flicking the stick down and up, you can perform a power swing. You’ll make a contact swing whether you flick immediately left or right.


Zone Hitting (Best Hitting Control Settings)

Zone Hitting is the most difficult and genuine experience in the game. You must manually monitor the ball as it approaches you while using this setting.

Before the ball reaches the plate, you must adjust the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI), and then coordinate your strike in time. The zone will be bigger or smaller depending on how good your batter is, so your player’s ratings will decide the outcomes after the swing.

That’s everything you need to know about the best hitting control settings in MLB the Show 21. While you are here,  check out more tips and tricks in our MLB The Show 21 Guides, like How to Manually Save Your Game or How to Get a Hold.