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MLB The Show 21: How to Rob Home Runs?

Want to rob home runs in MLB 21, We’ll tell you how to do those heroics at the boundary.

With baseball resuming everywhere the excitement around it is also reigniting. MLB The Show 21 seems to have been released at the perfect time to capitalize on this reignited excitement. MLB is an annual franchise, so don’t expect too many new features. Keeping in mind that there may not be a lot new to talk about, let’s go back to baseball basics. Hitting a home run makes you a hero, but what makes you an even bigger hero is catching one and especially at the boundary, so stick till the end to find out how you can Rob home runs from the other teams in MLB The Show 21.

How to Rob Home Runs?


MLB The Show 21: How to Rob Home Runs

Fielding is a big part of baseball but was not focused on in the games. Recent editions of MLB games have been working on fielding with the previous one improving the diving and this one adding more animation to the home run helping fielders catch one. This year the red circle projecting where the ball will land has been changed to three arrows showing upwards. In the previous edition, players could only jump to catch the home run, but in this one they can hold the wall, jump even higher and put their hand behind the wall to catch it. This makes it a bit more realistic and in favor of the fielders.

When you see the ball run towards it and once you are at the three arrows, press the RB button to jump. Hold it until jump as high as the third arrow to maximize your chances. Remember catching the ball is all about timing so time your jump well. This year the game allows you to play aggressively so in case you overrun a bit it will suck you back to the place so don’t be too cautious about running.


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