Mortal Kombat 11 Basic Combat Guide – Important Tips On Using Effects & Attacks

Learn the basic controls you must before you land into a battle in MK 11

In Mortal Kombat 11 your moves are everything, Fatal Blows, Fatalities, and Brutalities comes a lot later. Usually the Brutalities, the end moves to finish an opponent who will not attack you. But as the fight begins your basic moves to dodge, to attack, throw a punch is necessary to learn and then effectively unleashing fatal blow also matters. So in this Mortal Kombat 11 Basic Combat Guide you can learn how to perform basic moves, attack and use defensive moves against opponents.

MK11 Basic Combat Tutorial – Tips to Understand The Basic of New Combat System

If you had played Mortal Kombat X then you can still use the same basic moves in Mortal Kombat 11. This will make your job easier, but if you are completely new to the game then there something you must learn first. The game has basic attacks, combo attacks, and special attacks. Each when performed well reduces opponents health a little and make your job easier. With Krushing and Fatal Blows, you can easily get an edge over your opponent if you know to trigger it on right time.

Health, Defensive & Offensive Attacks Gauge:

The game has three gauges now, the big one is Health Meter on the top and two on the left and right corner of the screen for each player. The bottom two meters is for Attack and Defense. You can begin with the Learn section that gives you three more options Practice, Tutorial, and Fatality Training.

How To Escape Attacks:

Look your Defensive Meter, there are some moves you can use when the meter is full to escape an attack. For example, if you are stuck in some combo you can press D-pad Down + R2 to escape instantly, there are different kinds of escape for characters, it will eat half of your Defense Gauge but one of the best defensive technique to stay in the game.

How To Dash:

The D-pad and the left analog is for movements, Dashing is done if you hit forward key two times. The same works in the opposite way and it is the fastest way to reach near or far away from the opponent. You can read our How To Dash for in-depth details of using the move.

How To Punch:

To perform front punch press Square or X, to perform back punch press triangle or Y, to perform front kick press X or A and to perform back kick press Circle or B. Remember these basic attack style you will be using this a lot. Combos are derived by a set of keys used in a similar pattern. You can find the keys details in the game menu. You can crouch or jump to avoid an attack, so this one is also necessary. Read How To Perform Jump Attacks & Extend Your Basic Attacks.

How To Block:

Blocking is a defensive technique where you can stop an attack and keep damage to a minimum. There are three things in this you can attack three types of blocks to know Blocking in details please read our How To Block and How To Duck Guide.

How To Perform Throw Attacks:

Throws attacks are used to break opponents Blocks, they can also play defensive successfully blocking your attacks. So to break the defense you have to use Throws and you can also get caught in that if you are not aware how to cancel. Luckily we have a detailed guide on that that will help you a lot – How To Perform & Evade Throw Attack.

How To Amplify Your Attacks:

It is possible to amplify certain attacks but there is a timing for that. While doing a special move you will have to hit R1 and this will release an amplified attack that can cause higher damage. This one also relies on the timing, so you have to it to get a sure shot kill. You can add some combos to this and cause more damage.

Using Game Environment:

Mortal Kombat 11 has different stages where you will fight, and these stages have some environmental benefits. You can use it according to the character you are playing with. There is a different kind of interactions like for Scorpion you can walk on the wall and pass on the backside of the opponent to avoid his attacks completely. Hit R1 to interact with any nearby environment, this requires a bit of practice and observation. Using environment will empty half of your Defensive Gauge.

Fatal Blows:

This can be done when your health is below 30%, you can perform a Fatal blow attack which is pretty powerful and it can be blocked. So you have to use it at the right time, a Fatal Blow is best to cause high damage to the opponent. To get more info on Fatal Blows check your Character Menu, you will find tabs like Basic Attacks, Kombo Attacks, etc.

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