How To Perform & Evade Throw Attack In Mortal Kombat 11

Learn how you can use Throw attack in your defense and against opponents attacks

What if an opponent is very good at Defense or Blocking your attacks in Mortal Kombat 11? Well, you can use Throw attack, this attack will help you to break the defense. To help you more in this Mortal Kombat 11 throw attack guide we will tell you two things, first how you can perform a throw attack to break your opponent’s defense and how to evade your enemies throw attack to keep damage minimum.

How To Perform Throw Attacks

Throw attack consist of grabbing your opponent and use some combos. Your opponent if successfully blocks your high, mid and low attacks then Throw attack is the only options to attack.

How To Perform Back Throw Attack on Blocking Opponent

To perform Throwback attack when an opponent is blocking your attack, walk near the opponent and press L1 or Square + X. This will allow you to unleash two different attacks, one you will grab the opponent and break his defense and second you will hit him hard to push him far away. Sometime Back Throw will put the opponent behind you press the right arrow while performing throw to re-position the opponent in front. So you will be using D-pad Right + L1 or D-pad Right + Square + X.

How To Escape Throw Attack

Now it will happen that while you are defending yourself your opponent can use a Throw attack to break your defense. In Mortal Kombat 11 it is not possible to Block a Throw Attack but you will have enough time to evade it, that means you won’t get any damage if you press the right keys on right time. As soon as you are grabbed by an opponent press Square or X to cancel the Throw Attack. If the opponent uses Toward Throws attack then press Circle or Triangle immediately after getting grab to break it.

One important thing to note down is you can still cancel Throw attacks by simple Jumping or Ducking without Blocking. So do remember this also, if you are able to perform Throw attacks properly also learn to evade opponents throw attack to save yourself.

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