How To Block Attack In Mortal Kombat 11 – Reduce Damage

Blocking attack is the most effective way to reduce damage

Blocking Attack is very important in Mortal Kombat 11 in terms of defensive. In this Mortal Kombat 11 how to block attack guide we tell you how you can use this important basic defensive technique to keep your damage to a minimum, so that you have enough time to counter attack and win the battle. Blocking requires proper timing and you have to understand the attack of your enemy because there are different types of blocking. So let’s begin the guide.

How To Block Attacks

There are three kinds of block, first is Blocking High Attacks, second Mid Attacks, and the last Low attacks. Your opponent can use a mix of these attacks to break the defense you have to understand his moves and perform the right Block to cancel.

How To Block High Attacks:

The opponent will try to attack your head or upper body in High attacks. You can block these attack by standing or ducking. Remember high attacks also include Overhead Attacks that consist of striking downward from the head. It cannot be blocked while Ducking. You will have to stand to cancel it. Hold R2 while standing to block an Overhead attack. Ducking is simply dodging just sit down by pressing and holding D-pad down. The attack will pass above your head without harming you.

How To Block Mid Attacks:

They are the most common type of attacks in Mortal Kombat 11 and it can be easily blocked while standing or ducking. Just press R2 while Ducking or Standing to block any kind of Mid attack.

How To Block Low Attacks:

In this opponent will target your feet or lower body, to block a low attack you have to Duck. You cannot block it without Ducking. Hold D-Pad Down + R2 to block Low Attack.

How To Break Your Opponents Defense Blocking:

The way you use your Blocking technique to cancel your opponent’s attacks, your opponent can also utilize Blocking to make your attacks weak. So you must know how to break his defense and get an edge in the right.

How To Block High or Standing Attacks:

To break your opponent’s defense you can use the reverse of his blocking, for example, if your opponent is blocking your Standing or high attacks then use Low attacks. Press D-Pad Left + Circle here to perform a low attack.

How To Block Low or Ducking Attacks:

Press D-Pad Left + X to attack the head, this will break the Ducking defense of your enemy.

Now you know how to effectively use Blocking in Mortal Kombat 11, with proper practice you can make your Defense highly strong against opponents moves.

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