How To Perform Jump Attacks & Extend Your Basic Attacks In Mortal Kombat 11

You can attack while in air and also extend your basic attack to defeat the opponent

Jump Attacks in Mortal Kombat 11 are not that great but they can be useful sometimes. In this Mortal Kombat how to perform jump attack guide we will tell the exact keys to hit when you are in the air. It is best to dodge an incoming attack and at the same time cause some damage to the opponent. With this you will also learn about how to extend your basic attack to do a bit more damage, this works separately for each character, but the controls are the same.

How To Jump Attacks & Extend Basic Attacks

  1. For Jump Attacks while in D-pad right to move forward and press Square. This will unleash front punch, do the same for Back Punch by pressing Triangle. For jumping kick while in the air go forward and press X or circle. The kick will be useful because it can throw the opponent on the ground.
  2. You can press the D-pad Left and D-pad Right in combination with basic attacks to perform a wider range of attacks. For example, if you are playing Scorpion then by pressing D-pad Right + Square will Scorpion will pull out his sword and perform a lethal swipe attack on the belly.
  3. D-pad key + X will unleash a solid kick, and with D-pad Right + Circle you can throw the opponent on the ground by a swiping kick. With D-pad Right + Triangle Scorpion will use the sword and unleash some powerful combos. So do remember the keys to extend the basic attack and make it a lot more powerful.

The regular Square, Triangle, Circle, and X button will release low power attacks while combining them with the D-pad Right key will give you a chance to hit harder.

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