How To Perform Duck Attacks In Mortal Kombat 11

Duck attacks will help you to mis-balance your opponent, best way to break their attacks

Mortal Kombat 11 has different types of attacks. Duck Attacks in one where you can make your opponent fall on the grounds, and this How To Perform Duck Attacks Guide in MK 11 we will tell you about four different Duck attacks you can use against your opponents. These attacks are best to misbalance your opponents, it will either cancel their attack or make them falls. So learn this Duck attacks and use them whenever needed.

How To Perform Duck Attacks

There are four Duck Attacks in MK 11, the first one is Duck Front Punch. It can be performed by pressing a key combination of D-pad Down + Circle key. In this attack, you will hit the rib cage that will misbalance your opponent complete.

  1. The second attack you can use is Duck Back Punch by pressing D-pad Down + Triangle key. This one is very strong, with this attack you can almost throw the opponent high the air with a punch. He will fall flat on the ground and stand back again, till the time you can be prepared with your attacks.
  2. Third Duck attack you can use is Duck Front Kick by pressing D-pad Down + X key. A simple attack that hits the leg of the opponent making him imbalance for a while.
  3. The last and fourth Duck Attack is Duck Back Kick. This can be performed by pressing D-pad Down + Circle. In this attack, you will swipe the leg to hit the opponents legs throwing him out of balance for a while.

The only problem with Duck Attack is that you have to be very close to the enemy, it is not possible to use them from a distance so this makes you a bit vulnerable if the opponent already knows what you are planning to do. At this point, you can use Backward Dash to move away fast.

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