What To Do First In Minecraft Legends? – Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

Shreyansh Shah
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Stuck on what to do first in Minecraft Legends & looking for some beginner’s tips and tricks? Then our guide would be perfect for you to get things into action. You can check out the best tips and tricks that are useful while playing a campaign or a versus mode game. Minecraft Legends relies heavily on strategy and hence, you will have to prioritize your actions and selections. While it sounds easy, it won’t turn up as such if you don’t know what to do. Hence, we recommend you keep reading below as we will help you through all the troubles.

What to Do First in Minecraft Legends Campaign?

Minecraft Legends Beginners Guide

While the start will be straightforward and simple, the important parts of the game start once you are done with destroying the Night Beacon Base. Although it won’t be that easy, you need to get it done soon. Once you destroy the base, you will be able to enter the regular cycle of day and night. Now, the following beginner’s tips and tricks will help you with what to do first in the Minecraft Legends campaign:

  • Build Defenses – Since you are notified about where the Piglins are going to target, you would do well with setting up defenses there. Although defense is important for all villages, if you are short on resources, you can prioritize the ones that are to be attacked. These will also help you with the Villager Chests you get at each village.
  • Free Mobs – While going from village to village, you can free the mobs and also recruit others you find on the way. Since you are looking to destroy Piglin structures at their bases, you will need to have them on your side. As a Minecraft Legends beginner, this is an important game element.
  • Collect Resources – As you head from village to village freeing them from Piglins, you will need to build up defenses. Along with that, strategize your attacks too. All of these won’t come without collecting resources. As you destroy Piglin bases, you can use Piglin Keys to open the locked chests and get resources like Gold.
  • Improvements – Certain improvements and upgrades will help you as you move forward. They are an important part of your success forward. So make sure you check out the best improvements and upgrades.
  • Attack Piglin Bases – Now that you have been involved in the game for some time, you would be able to put your attacking plans in motion. If you have enough mobs on your side, you will be able to take down the bases set up across the map. Since Piglin bases are dangerous, we recommend that attacking should not be what you do first in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends PvP Beginner’s Tips and Tricks


Now that you have checked the beginner’s tips and tricks for the campaign, here’s what to do first in Minecraft Legends Versus mode:

  • Build Defense – Once again, even in the versus mode, the first thing to prioritize is defense. While the map you are playing on will be smaller, the threats will still loom large. You can upgrade your walls to start it all.
  • Send A Scout – Since this is a 4 v 4, you can spare one of your teammates to scout for the enemy base and as such, help your team strategize. You can also prepare any counterattacks if your enemies are planning on something.
  • Collect Resources – Whether it is for attacking or defending, resources are quite important and after the initial setup, players need to head out and collect as many resources as possible. You would want to know where to find resources across the entire map.
  • Attack Enemy Base – Since destroying the enemy base is what will help you win in the versus mode, this is an important part of the game. However, it should have the last priority since the others are equally important to make sure you don’t lose.

That’s all the tips and tricks from this beginner’s guide on what to do first in Minecraft Legends. Since you are playing this game, we recommend you check out our Minecraft Legends guides for more right here at Gamer Tweak.