How Do Minecraft Legends Villager Chests Work

Here's a guide on the Minecraft Legends Villager chest and how they work in the game.

Wondering what is the Minecraft Legends Villager Chests and how it works? Then check out this guide to understand everything on this game mechanic. While playing the campaign, one of the important parts of the game is defending villages against Piglins. Although that sounds simple, getting it done is another story. Nevertheless, since you have to stop hordes of Piglins, you will need to collect a lot of resources. Fortunately, Villager Chests are something super helpful and you can read how they work right below.

How to Use Villager Chests In Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Village Chests

Villager Chests basically work as a donation from the villages that you need to defend from Piglins. You can find the Villager Chests under the Fountain at the center of each village and they are replenished at the start of each day in Minecraft Legends. If you want to collect the resources supplied to you, simply hold the interact button to open it.

Do note that if the Village is raided and the Fountain’s health is reduced to zero, you won’t have any access to these resources. Hence, you will have to build a strong defense at each location that you have to protect. Once you open the chest, everything is deposited automatically in your resources and the rest will be left there for the future.

While most Villages will supply you with common resources like Wood, Stone, and even some Prismarine, you will have to target special Villages for certain rare resources. You can keep track of these resources by opening the World Map and moving the cursor over the villages.

As you progress further, you will be able to build Shared Village Chests that will help you collect resources from all villages from one location. However, you will need a bigger storage to make sure you can store all accumulated resources.

That’s all there is from this guide on Minecraft Legends Villager Chests. Since you are playing this game, we recommend you check out our Minecraft Legends section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.