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Minecraft Legends: How To Upgrade Walls

Want to turn your Wooden Walls into Stone? Check out our guide on how to upgrade your walls in Minecraft Legends.

Want to upgrade your Walls in Minecraft Legends? Don’t worry, as you are in the same boat as many players that want to upgrade & get the Stone Walls. While fighting and destroying huge army bases of Piglins, you must keep your guard up. When you start, you will have wooden walls to save yourselves from the attacks of Piglins. But as you progress, you will unlock many new structures along with the ability to upgrade your walls. So, check out our guide to know how to turn Wooden walls into Stone.

How to Upgrade Wooden Walls to Stone in Minecraft Legends

minecraft legends how to upgrade walls

You can upgrade Walls to Stone in Minecraft Legends by unlocking and crafting the Masonry structure. To unlock it, you must get the Improvement: Gather Iron and craft it at the Well of Fate. You need the Gather Iron improvement to increase your max cap and store more Iron. That’s because you need up to 100 Iron resources to craft the Masonry.

So, here are all the required resources to build and craft the Improvement: Gather Iron:

  • 100 Stone
  • 100 Prismarine

Once you have crafted this improvement, you will be able to collect increased Iron. The best places to mine Iron are Forests, Dry Savvanah, & Flatlands biomes. Now, you can build the Masonry structure at your base.

Here are the following required resources to build Masonry:

  • 100 Stone
  • 100 Iron
  • 50 Wood

Finally, you can place Masonry at your base to turn your Wooden Walls into Stone. If you have too many Wooden walls, it might take a bit of time to turn them into Stone Walls. Alongside wooden walls, Masonry also turns your Carpenter Huts, Gates, & Towers into Stone.

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