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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 Best Mods 2021 – 5 Best Mods

Bored flying the plane over forest, oceans, clouds, etc. Then let's tweak the game via Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods. Checkout the list of 5 best mods that can change the entire game.

New Microsoft Flight Simulator brings all the biggest jets on the desktop screen. If you are a fan of flying planes then this game is for you. It may not let you use rockets or guns on the jets, but it is good enough to experience what pilots feel like. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 brings ultra-realistic graphics, real plane mechanism, weather conditions, jet models, and a lot more. But this is not enough you can push this game to do more via Mods. In this article, I am going to help you in finding 5 best Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods. All available on Nexus-Mods you can download and apply them on PC.

The list of mods includes adding new jet planes, fixing the fuel and thrust, etc. For a lot of basic things you don’t need a mode and you can click the respective links to know more. For example, Changing Plane, Fly over Area 51, End a Flight, Fly a Drone, Play with Friends, etc. You can ignore the same and continue reading about the most popular Microsoft Flight Simulator mods.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 Best Mods

The game has a lot of cosmetic mods like skins, icons, visuals, etc. With this, there are few fixes to resolve fuel problems. If you do not know how to install mods then click to read this guide – How to install Mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

1. Uniform Livery Thumbnails for Livery Mod:

Microsoft Flight Simulator ULT Mod

Not happy with the thumbnails of all liveries then try ULT Mod. It adds a feature that allows players to use different thumbnails to show their skins. A kind of handy mod if you are having different skins in the game. You can try using custom thumbnails to identify the planes while playing the game. It is a simple mod and you can also get new updates by overwriting the existing files.

2. A320 Texture Template Mod:

Microsoft Flight Simulator A320 Texture Template Kit

Want to try out custom skins for your plane then here is a Mod that works only for A320. The mode will install a custom template kit in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using the template you can create your skin, add your name or logo on the plane and make it look different. There is a kind of installation procedure to use this mod. Click the mod link and before download goes through the video in the description. There is a step by step process for this mod installation.

3. US Boeing 747-8i Air Force One:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 747

Want this giant jet in your inventory then try this mode. Boeing 747 is a large long-range airliner. You can install Boeing 747 in Microsoft Flight Simulator just by extracting the mod files in the Community folder. Ready to fly high this plane brings a unique experience compared to the regular size planes in the game. It is a must to try the mod, even though it does not bring anything unique but having this most popular plane in the game is awesome.

4. A320 Neo Sound Mod:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Neo Sound

This mod just adds the original aircraft sound for A320. If you are not finding the exiting one appealing enough then try this mod. If you had used A320 service before this mod will bring back those memories. The mod brings the real sound of the flight, to know more about the same check the video in the mod description.

5. Boeing 747 Iron Maiden:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Iron Maiden

Jet direct from Turkish Airlines, the Iron Maiden. It also adds Turkish Airlines Livery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is extremely easy to install, just move the plane files into the default mod folders and you can fly this jet.

This was our list of top mods you can try right-now in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2. Stay tuned I will be updating this list with some of the most amazing mods.