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How to Install Mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

You can do more in Microsoft Flight Simulator by installing amazing mods. Like adding new planes, new skins, etc. Here is a guide on how to install mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Guide on how to install Mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator, here you can learn on how to install mods from sites like Nexus Mods. You can download free mods, liveries, and add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. But installing them is tricky and it can crash the game, so I will share some safe steps on installing the mod. In case you can face game crashing issue, or any other problem the best fix is to re-install the game. This will cost you the full game download via Steam. If you are not sure which mods to choose then here is a guide on Best Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 mods for PC. Try this link and check below for installation instructions.

How to install Mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator on Windows PC?

Mods can let you install free planes, liveries or skins, and some additional features. For example realistic sounds, custom skins, etc. Nexusmod is a kind of good source to try out mods for the game. Because if there are any bugs you will see them in the mod description. Also, a lot of mods have a detailed video for installation, otherwise, the process to install all kinds of mods is the same.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is installed by default in the “Community Folder“. The folder can be found in two places depending on where you bought the game. For example, the Steam version has a different Community Folder location while the game from Windows Store has a separate location. The logic is to find the folder to install Mods files in it.

Community Folder Default Location:

For those who purchased the game from Windows Store:

  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\ Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who had installed the game in different drive:

  • If you had chosen a different drive instead of default installation folder then here is how to find the Common Folder location.
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and go to Options.
  • Select General and then click on Developers on the left bottom of the screen.
  • Turn on Developer Mode. A new menu appears on the top left corner.
  • In the Menu click on Tools > Virtual File System.
  • Click on Watched Bases and in the end, you can see the location of Community Folder.

AppData folder is hidden in Windows 10. To unhide go to your User Name and click on View on the top Explorer Menu. Add a tick on Hidden Files and it will be visible. It is not complicated to find the folder, there is a minor difference in the location. Just refer to the locations above to find the Community Folder. Once you find the same follow the steps below to install Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods.

How to install Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 Mods via Community Folder?

Once you are aware of the Community Folder location, the next stage is to install the mods. This is the only place where you can add or remove Mods files. Do not forget to exit the game completely before doing any changes.

  • Download the Mod files which will be in .rar or zip format.
  • Exact the content of the folder to the Community Folder.

Check the Mod files description or readme file to know more about using it. There will be a keyboard shortcut to access it or the mod files will be displayed directly in the game menu. For example, you installed a new plane it will be visible in the game similar to other planers. The same goes for skins, etc. This is how you can install mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2, have fun flying.