MH Rise Icium Location: Where To Find Icium Material In Monster Hunter Rise

Here's how to get Icium Material in MH Rise.

Icium Material is of those items that you may have trouble farming in Monster Hunter Rise. You might stop looking for them considering how hard they are to find, but it is a very vital material in upgrading your cold weapons and armor. The in-game description says “Precious metal from the Frost Islands. Shines bright white when the light catches it”. So keeping that in mind, here’s how to get Icium Material in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

How to Get Icium Material in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)?

To find Icium Material in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) you need to explore the main camp and sub-camp of Frost Islands. You can get Icium Material from the white and blue Mining Outcrops on the map. You can refer to our map below to find the Icium Materia locations in the below map. The red squares are locations on the main camp, and the orange ones will guide you to the sub-camp Mining Outcrop locations. You can use your Wirebug to easily get in and out of the sub-level.

MH Rise Icium Material Locations Monster Hunter Rise

By now you might know that Mining Outcrops hold different minerals and ores in the Monster Hunter universe. And there are different types of these Mining Outcrops that give you different types of drops. Keep in mind that to get these rare objects from blue Mining Outcrops, you need to be on High Rank, otherwise the only option is to get them from white Mining Outcrops as a drop. So we suggest you stick to mining the white ones as the Icium Material is a rare drop and is hard to come by. You need to mine all of the Outcrops to farm enough amount of the materials.

How to Use Icium Material in MH Rise?

Icium Material is an important component in upgrading many weapons and armors. Once you have farmed enough of them you will need to use anywhere from 1-3 Icium Materials to upgrade each weapon/armor. That said here the list of some of the weapons and armor you can upgrade using this material:

  • Alloy Greaves
  • Alloy Mail
  • Amber Slash I
  • Arko Nulo White I
  • Baggi Gunlance I
  • Baggi Mail
  • Barioth Helm
  • Dual Hatchets I
  • Frost Edge I
  • Frost Edge II
  • Frozen Core I
  • Frozen Core II
  • Goss Harag Greaves
  • Guardian Sword I
  • Hunter’s Helm
  • Hunter’s Rifle II
  • Hyperguard II
  • Hypnos Knife I
  • Iron Devil
  • Iron Katana II
  • Jelly Coil
  • Jelly Vest
  • Lagomberator I
  • Lagombi Vambraces
  • Proto Iron Axe II
  • S. Studded Sash
  • Secta Nulo White I
  • Sharktooth Spear I
  • Shell-Studded Vest
  • Shotgun Viper I
  • Steel Sword
  • Surprise Axe I
  • Tetranadon Mail
  • Utsushi Mask (H) & (V)
  • Vicello Nulo II
  • Wind Horn

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