Monster Hunter Stories 2 Fatalis: True Final Boss Fight Guide

Find out how to beat the Fatalis boss in MHS2.

You will face a secret Boss at the end of Monster Hunter Stories 2 in the form of Fatalis. This monster is part of a series of secret monsters that you can find in the Elder’s Lair after the Oltura Boss Fight. It is the village chief who will introduce you to such boss fights. And the best part is that you can play these boss fights to farm some rare Armor Sets and Weapons. So, let’s find out how to beat Fatalis in MHS2.

How to beat Fatalis in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Fatalis

Since this is a boss fight, let’s divide it into three distinct phases. This will help you look out for certain behavioral traits of the Fatalis monster.

Fatalis Boss Fight Phase 1

Right off the bat let’s make one thing clear, this fight is much easier than the Oltura boss fight. However, you will need to know what moves to make otherwise Fatalis can catch you off guard with special attacks.

In the first phase of the fight, you should use a Monstie that has Speed traits. However, do not attempt Power Attacks as you will lose the Head-to-Head attacks and end up losing your energy. Make sure to stick to Technical Attacks. This will take a little longer but is a sure-fire way to beat Fatalis in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Use healing potions and powders in between attacks. For the first phase of the boss fight make sure that you target the tail and break it. Hellish Flame is Fatalis’ main attack in the first phase and saps a lot of health. However, keep up with the basics mentioned above and you will soon be able to break the tail part.

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Fatalis Boss Fight Phase 2

For the second phase of the boss fight focus the attacks on the Stomach. Make sure that you fill up your Kinship Gauge completely. Now, ride on your Monsties and use special attacks when possible.

Fatalis will use one extra Special Attack this time around. However, the basics remain the same. Also, use Double attacks whenever possible. This will allow you to get in extra attacks and keep spamming attacks till you manage to break the Stomach Part.

Fatalis Boss Fight Phase 3: How To Beat Final Phase in Monster Hunter Stories 2

For this stage of the fight, you will have to focus all attacks on Fatalis’ head. Fatalis will also use a ton of Special Attacks in this stage of the fight. So, you will find yourself recuperating your health quite a lot during this stage of the fight.

However, if you do have a Power Monstie, use it. You will now be able to win Head-to-Head Attacks with a Power Monster. Make sure to use Special Kinship Attacks whenever you can. Again, the basics will remain the same for the fight. Just keep restoring your health and going for Technical and Power attacks. All this will ensure that you get through the boss fight with ease.

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How to prepare for the Fatalis Boss Fight?

If you have any chance of getting through the Fatalis Boss Fight in Monster Hunter Stories 2 successfully you need to follow these steps.

Healing Items

Make sure you have enough healing items along with you. As soon as your health goes lower than half, make sure you heal up immediately. Stock up on potions and healing powders. Also, bring Vital Essence as this will help you to get more hearts. Health potions and Life Powders will be your best friend for this fight.

Kinship Gauge

Make sure that you keep the Kinship gauge boosted and filled. This will allow you to get out of tough situations easily. It also allows you to spam Fatalis with a lot of Special Attacks. You can now also use Double Kinship attacks to your benefit.

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Monsties with High HP Stats

You will be receiving a lot of damage in this fight with Fatalis in Monster Hunter Stories 2. So, make sure that you pick monsters and companions that have a large Health bar. This will allow them to absorb a lot of the damage inflicted as well as act as a quick getaway for you.

Armor Sets

Since this fight takes place towards the end of the game, there are good enough chances that you have the required amount of premium armor. However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Make sure that you make and craft armor sets from all high-ranking monsters.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the true final boss Fatalis in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now that you are here make sure to check out our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wiki to learn more about the game.