Where to find Dragonfell Berry in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Common location where you can find Dragonfell Berry in MH Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 features an armor and weapon upgrade system. As a hunter, you are no good without decent load-out. While upgrading armor or weapons in MH Stories 2 you will need Dragonfell Berries. This is not a default requirement for every upgrade certain armors/weapons need this item. It is quite tricky to find Dragonfell Berry in MH Stories 2. But do not worry, I am going to share the list of common quests and locations where you can farm these berries.

Dragonfell Berry Farming Guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Dragonfell Berry Guide

Here is a list of quests where you can commonly found Dragonfell Berries in MH Stories 2. All you have to do is explore the side regions and look for berry bushes. Almost every quest listed below has a minimum of 10% chance of having Dragonfell Berries.

  1. Pick Your Poison
  2. Energy Crisis
  3. Learning Experience
  4. Take a Powderstone
  5. The Hero and the Fiery King
  6. Advanced: Whale of a Hammer
  7. Heat Exhaustion
  8. Energy Crisis
  9. Loprey In the Way
  10. Pick Your Poison
  11. Heat Exhaustion

Here is the list of common areas where you can farm Dragonfell Berries in MH Stories 2. You will have to explore different areas of these regions for berries.

  1. Volcanic Hollow – Area 4, Area 5, Area 6.
  2. Ingle Isle – Area 1.

Lava Caverns is another region where you can find these barriers. Search in Area 7, Area 9, Area 11, and Area 14. Some of these will be rewarded as the reward for the quest. They are the Best Quest, So Hot It Melts Iron, Getting Back the Groceries, and Can’t Kill it with fire. Follow up these quests and you will get some of the Dragonfell berries as rewards.

Another way to find Dragonfell berries is via Treasure Hunting Expeditions. Follow these quest’s and you will definitely grab some berries on the way. Another important update you will have to level up and reach a certain point to farm them. This means there is no use in searching on low rank. Make sure you had leveled up to an extent where you had unlocked multiple regions. This will also help you to farm more rare items in the game.

What is Dragonfell Berry used for?

Dragonfell Berry is used for crafting Dragon Ammo. It is best among monsters that are weak against Dragon. If you are in process of crafting this ammo then you will need to harvest the berries first. Which are quite tricky to find, so it is best to keep exploring during the expeditions. Dragon Ammo can deal massive damage to monsters who are weak to the dragon attack. The nearer you are the higher the damage will be. Here is the list of monsters who are weak against Dragon in MH Stories 2.

  1. Apex Rathalos
  2. Apex Rathian
  3. Basarios
  4. Narwa the Allmother
  5. Rathalos
  6. Rathian
  7. Thunder Serpent Narwa
  8. Wind Serpent Ibushi

Hope the above details will help you to find Dragonfell Berry in Monster Hunter Stories 2. There is still more to discover in the game. There are some of the rarest monsters and items you can harvest via main and side quest. To help you more try checking our guide on how to speed up battles, this will allow you to save time during the fight. Also, check on how to heal which plays a big role to survive the boss fight. You can hit the MH Stories 2 Wiki link to check out the latest tips and tricks on this game.