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MH Rise Cultural Exchange: How To Find Wisplantern In Monster Hunter Rise

Here's how to get Wisplantern in the MH Rise Cultural Exchange quest.

Cultural Exchange is a quest given by Rondine the Trader to find 3 Wisplanterns and 3 Boatshells. Rondine is the sailor who can be found near the buddy are. She will always have a quest available for you. So make sure to finish her quests to unlock more features for your submarines. The Cultural Exchange will unlock and add a submarine as a reward for you. The quest itself is quite simple if you know where to look for these items. So let us look at how to find Wisplantern in the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Cultural Exchange quest.

How to Find Wisplanterns in Monster Hunter Rise Cultural Exchange Quest?


Wisplantern in MH Hise can be collected from Shimmering Red Berries, mostly grown in the northern part of Shrine Ruins. They aren’t guaranteed drops like the Boatshells, but they shouldn’t take long to collect. You might remember the level one Village quest “Roly-Poly Lanterns“, required you to deliver 8 Firelanterns. Wisplanterns and Firelanterns both grow on the same plants, so this will benefit you in finding them. Even if you don’t recall the locations exactly don’t worry, we have a map ready below with all the Wisplantern locations in Monster Hunter Rise.

MH Rise Cultural Exchange How To Find Wisplantern In Monster Hunter Rise

The red square directs you right towards the Shimmering Red Berries, from where you can just pick up all the  Wisplantern you need. You only require 3 Wisplantern to complete half of the Cultural Exchange quest. Once you have all there make sure to check out our guide here to find out how to get 3 Boatshells to complete the whole quest.


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