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MH Rise Cultural Exchange: How To Find Boatshells In Monster Hunter Rise

Here's how to get Boatshells in the MH Rise Cultural Exchange quest.

Cultural Exchange is a quest given by Rondine the Trader to find 3 Wisplanterns and 3 Boatshells. Rondine is the sailor who can be found near the buddy are. She will always have a quest available for you. So make sure to finish her quests to unlock more features for your submarines. The Cultural Exchange will unlock and add a submarine as a reward for you. The quest itself is quite simple if you know where to look for these items. So let us look at how to find Boatshells in the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Cultural Exchange quest.

How to Find Boatshells in MH Rise Cultural Exchange Quest?


Boatshells in MH Hise can be collected from Oyster Beds in the middle and eastern part of Frost Islands. Oyster Beds are big floating Oysters you can pick up to get this item. The Boatshells are not guaranteed drops from these Oysters, so you will need to visit more than few Oyster Beds to collect all three Boatshells. So to make it easier for you, we have a map ready below with all the Boatshell locations in Monster Hunter Rise.

MH Rise Cultural Exchange How To Find Boatshells In Monster Hunter Rise

The red squares are locations on the main camp, and there is one on the sub-camp level. You can use your Wirebug to easily get in and out of the sub-level if you want to. But it’s better to completely avoid the sublevel as the main camp will easily give you 3 Boatshells. Once you have collected both the Boatshells and Wisplanterns, go to Rondine the Trader to complete the Cultural Exchange quest.


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