Mantis Shrimp Boss Fight In Dave The Diver: How To Beat It

Tired of this never-ending Mantis Shrimp Boss Fight? Then check out the strategies to beat it quickly in Dave the Diver.

Just like you many players are struggling to beat the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver. This is an optional boss fight that you can skip if you don’t want to face this gigantic creature. But if you’re up for the challenge then let us tell you, it isn’t going to be that easy. The Mantis Shrimp throws very powerful punches that can be quite tricky to dodge. But it can be done if you hide at the right spot and attack where the creature is weak. If you’ve already given the fight a try but didn’t succeed, then below are all the tips you need to defeat the Mantis Shrimp Boss.

How to Find & Defeat Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver

How to Find & Defeat Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver attack shoot the eye
Source Image: Keng Ching

In Dave the Diver, to defeat the Mantis Shrimp Boss you’ll have to attack the creature’s eye whenever you get the chance. That’s the only way to cause a good amount of damage to this enemy. If you haven’t triggered this fight yet, then let us tell you it is accessible in Chapter 6 and is a part of Stormy Night 2 side quest. This quest is given by Sato who gives you a heads-up about a Vortex. Go ahead and explore the Blue Hole and you’ll come across the Vortex he’s talking about. Enter it and after reaching some point you’ll find the Mantis Shrimp Boss you have to defeat. With that being said, let’s dive right into the tips & tricks.

Mantis Shrimp Boss Fight Guide – Tips & Tricks

  • As mentioned above, the only way to beat the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver is by attacking its eye. However, there can be times when it’ll cover it but don’t rush in and wait for the right time.

    hide under the elbow or gloves to avoid punches mantis boss
    Source Image: Keng Ching
  • The best spot to hide to dodge attacks is underneath the Mantis Boss elbow or boxing gloves. Although, you can’t be there for long so keep moving and attack as soon as the boss stuns or pauses to charge up. But don’t forget to learn the pattern of the enemy’s attack.

    Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver pull the chain to block super punch vortex
    Source Image: Keng Ching
  • Speaking of pattern, after throwing some punches the Mantis Shrimp boss tends to smash the ground and throw a super punch. This is the most dangerous attack where it can not only deal a lot of damage but also push you towards the wall of spikes. In this case, try to take the boss to the left side of the arena, this will give you time to avoid the punches. And to block the super punch you’ll have to pull down the chain with a yellow handle. While trying to stay behind the heavy yellow bag.
  • After the Mantis Shrimp Boss punches the heavy yellow bag it will get stunned for a few seconds. And that’s the time when you have to shoot bullets toward its eyes. If you’ve already run out of ammo, then the Harpoon can also do the trick.
  • Keep repeating this strategy until the enemy is down and you’ll be good to go.

These were all the key tips & tricks that’ll help you beat the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver. If your weapons are not powerful enough, then check out this, Weapon Upgrades guide. Also, take a look at the tips to defeat the Shark Boss Klaus in Dave the Diver.