How To Beat Shark Boss Klaus In Dave The Diver (Strategy Guide)

Here is a boss fight guide on how to defeat the Great White Shark Klaus in Dave The Diver.

Trying to beat Shark Boss Klaus in Dave The Diver is frustrating to no end. However, our guide below can give you tips on how to win the fight. Dave not only catches fish and manages his Sushi restaurant but there are also times when he faces the big monsters in the sea as well. One of them that Dave will encounter in the vortex is the Shark Boss Klaus. With a massive HP and a range of deadly attacks, this fight is far from easy. If you need help, check out our boss fight guide for strategies on how to defeat Klaus.

How to Beat Shark Boss Klaus in Dave The Diver (Strategies)

great white shark klaus boss fight guide

You can beat Shark Boss Klaus by trying to stay under its body whenever it lunges for an attack. This is a cheese method as you can stay at the bottom and unleash your attacks one after another to deplete the boss’s massive HP. Other than that, ranged weapons can also help you beat Klaus in Dave The Diver. Weapons with good range can help you fight from afar, avoid Klaus’ attacks and keep inflicting damage continuously.

Here are all the other strategies that you can use to beat the Great White Shark Boss Klaus.

Use a Scooter or Air Tank

Dodging Klaus’ attacks is quite difficult as they are fast. Even if you manage to evade it, you will consume more oxygen than normal. And if you fail to move away in time, then you will lose a huge chunk of your HP. The solution for this is to use a Scooter and an Air Tank. The Scooter will help you dodge faster and avoid Klaus’ lunging attack. The Air Tank, on the other hand, will allow you to survive the boss fight for a longer time with more oxygen.

Pick up Weapons, Oxygen & Ammo from Chests

Even if you forget to bring your best weapons to battle, you need not worry. Several chests will spawn on the seabed during your boss fights with the Great White Shark Klaus. They may contain weapons like the Grenade Launcher or a Level 3 Basic Underwater Rifle. And that’s not all, you can also get Ammo and Oxygen from these chests.

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That’s all you need to know on how to beat the Shark Boss Klaus in Dave The Diver. For more boss fight guides like this, check out how to defeat Giant Squid in our Dave The Diver section.