How To Make A Tent In Sons Of The Forest

Here is what you will need to make a tent in this game.

The first thing that you should learn in Sons of the Forest is how to build a tent. The tent allows you to save your progress. And in a survival game, you can easily lose all the weapons or items you collected. Thus playing without regularly saving is a big no, unless you are imposing some kind of challenge on yourself. So here is a quick guide on how to make a tent in Sons of the Forest and how to use it.

How to Make a Tent in Sons of the Forest

how to make a tent in sons of the forest

You just need a tarp and a stick to make your tent in Sons of the Forest. While they might not appear very useful just by their appearance, they are actually one of the most crucial structures in the game. Not only do you save your progress of the game through them. But they are also used to sleep. This will be handy when you are tired and need a rest. The process to make one is very easy:

  1. Press I on your keyboard to open your inventory.
  2. On the top right section, you will find a tarp.
  3. Left-click and equip it.
  4. Now simply place it anywhere on the ground.
  5. Next, bring out your stick and use it in any corner of the tarp.
  6. This will make your basic tent.

Based on the number of tarps or sticks you use, the shape of your tent will change. You can also refer to your instructions handbook if you are not sure how to make one.

How to Use a Tent

As mentioned previously, there are only two uses for a tent. For sleeping and saving the game. When standing next to it you will get two buttons to interact with. The one that has the floppy icon is to save the game, press E for it. And the other with the moon icon is when you want to sleep, press Z for it.

That covers this guide on how to make a Tent in Sons of the Forest and how to use it. While knowing how to save your game is important, that isn’t everything. You should also check our guide on how to defend your base. Or how you can kill the ocean shark to get the pistol. And for more help on other topics for this game be sure to check our Sons of the Forest section.