How To Make Money Fast In Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Gold Coins are essential to buy necessary items and livestock, here is a guide on how to make money in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

In Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life, making money is important to ensure the success of your farm and to manage it effectively. Players will need Gold Coins to buy important items like Seeds, Crops, fertilizers, etc, and also to have more animals in their barn. As the game progresses the upgrades and the items will cost a lot more than before. So to ensure you deal in profit and not loss while spending your money in the game, here are all the best and easy ways you can earn money in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life without using any exploits or money glitches.

Best Ways to Earn Money in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

There are various easy ways through which you can make money faster while running your farm in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. Here is a list of all the best ways you can earn gold coins:

Cultivating Crops in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

cultivating crops a wonderful life

The main purpose of players in the game is to handle their farms and grow different crops. Players can then sell these crops with the use of the Shipping Bin to earn some money Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. Since you have a Hoe & some seeds already at your disposal from the very start, you can plant them in the plot next to your house. You will then have to take care of the crops by watering them regularly. Players can buy fertilizers from Vesta and use them to increase the quality of the crops. And although this will require you to spend some gold coins as the game progresses you will get to know more and more about farming.

Later in the game players will also get their hands on Hybrid Crops and an even more fertile field at the back of their house. With hybrid and better grade crops players can earn more gold coins in the game.

Raising Livestock in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

raising livestock in story of seasons a wonderful life

Raising your farm animals is another crucial aspect of the game. Players will acquire a range of products like milk, eggs, wool, etc from their livestock. You can sell these products with the help of the Shipping Bin just like crops. Feeding them the right fodder and keeping them happy will help you get good-quality products from them. You will get your first cow for free from Takakura however you will have to buy other animals to feel up your barn. Farm animals are expensive and it’s best to focus on getting high-grade products from the ones you have first rather than buying others.

Visit the Dig Site

visit dig site to get money

Players can visit the Dig Site near Vesta’s farm and dig up various historical items. Two NPCs named Carter & Flora work here from 10 am to 5 pm, interact with them and they will let you know about the place and hand over a shovel to start. Use it to dig and clear around the area for any valuable items. You can then sell these items to the traveling merchant Van in the plaza.


fishing to earn money fast

Fishing is more than just a leisure activity in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. You can make money fast by selling fish from different types of water bodies in the game. For this players will first have to acquire the Fishing Rod from Van. Then once you catch any fish you can sell it to him or set up a stall to earn some gold coins.

Sell Unnecessary Items

sell unnecessary items sos a wonderful life

Van is a traveling merchant who will visit the valley twice a season and set up his stall near the Bluebird Cafe. He will provide you with some valuable items in the game but you can also sell off some of your unnecessary items to him. On the days he does not visit, players can set up their stall in the plaza right where he does and sell the items. It is worth mentioning that you will make the same amount of money from your stall as you will be selling items to Van.

That’s everything covered on the best ways to make money fast in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. Check out our guides on how to save data and how to feed dog in SoS AWL, right here on Gamer Tweak.