Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops Guide

Want to mix two crops and create an entirely new one? Check out this guide on Hybrid Crops in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

Players will be introduced to Hybrid Crops during their second year in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. These crops are created by crossbreeding or simply combining two crops or seeds in the game. You can then use the crops to expand your farming experience whilst maximizing their profits. Players can get their hands on them from an NPC in the game named Vinnie. So check out this guide further to know more about Hybrid Crops and how you can get them from Vinnie in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops Guide

vinnie in story of seasons a wonderful life

Who is Vinnie in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life?

Vinnie is a three-headed plant that players will come across in Takakura’s house in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. He was accidentally brought home by Takakura when someone slipped him some seeds when he was coming back from the city in the spring of the second year. It is worth mentioning that for him to go to the city, you will have to order a new animal for your Barn. Once everything is done he will let you meet Vinnie and ask if you are okay with Vinnie staying around. As you will need him to create the Hybrid Crops in the game, you will have to reply positively and build your friendship.

How to Get Hybrid Crops from Vinnie

As mentioned earlier, to get the Hybrid Crops from Vinnie players will first have to build a strong friendship with him. For this you will have to keep having conversation with him till he stops giving you the cold shoulder and your relationship meter turns red. Once done, he will finally let you crossbreed normal crops when you talk to him again. Although it is worth mentioning that sometimes Vinnie will not yield any Hybrid Crop instead he will either give you a better grade version of one of the plants or eat one of the seeds and hand over the other to you again. To avoid this, we recommend you have a bunch of seeds at your disposal before heading towards him.

Once you get your hands on the Hybrid Crop in Story Of Season A Wonderful Life, Vinnie will let you know all the information about the plants. He will also let you know on how you  grow and use them. There are other abilities that he possesses that players can use like giving him a Sagesoil flower and crop/seed, you will get a plant that would grow on any type of soil. Given below is a list of all the materials you can combine with crops with the help of Vinnie and what buffs they get

  • Happy Lamp Flower + Seeds = Crops will grow all year round
  •  Upseed Flow + Seeds = S grade version of the crops
  • Trick Blue Flower + Seeds = Blue Crop Seeds

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