Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Best Gifts Guide

Use this list of best gifts to give townsfolk presents and impress them in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

With various personalities, behavior, and style the Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life characters are hard to impress without any gift guide. So here we have listed everything characters would like to receive as the best gift for better friendship. Also, if you are interested in getting together with the Bachelor and Bachelorette of the SoS AWS world, these presents will help you achieve that too.

Best Gifts for All Characters in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

SoS A Wonderful Life Gift Guide

Best Gifts for Bachelors

  • Matthew: Candy, high-grade crops, and animal products
  • Gustafa: Curry, flowers, and vegetables
  • Gordy: Vegetables, cake, and flowers
  • Rock: Fossils, toy flowers, milk products, and gold coins

Best Gifts for Bachelorettes

  • Cecilia: Flowers, vegetables, and crystals
  • Nami: Fossils, vegetables, and clay figures
  • Lumina: Clay figures, flowers, and Mushrooms
  • Molly: Fossils, vegetables, and clay figures

Best Gifts for Characters From Townhouses

  • Takakura: Eggs, food, and milk
  • Gary: Clay figures, coins, fish, and food
  • Nina: Flowers and fish
  • Sully: Vegetables, milk, sashimi, and eggs
  • Chris: Flowers, fruits, and milk
  • Hugh: Gemstones, meals, and milk
  • Garrett: Eggs, milk, and sashimi
  • San: Flowers, eggs, meals, and milk
  • Kate: Flowers, coins, eggs, and ores
  • Cole: milk and gemstones
  • Charlie: Fish and flowers

Bes Gifts for Folks of the Villa and Vesta’s Farm

  • Sebastian: Coins, flowers, fish, and gemstones
  • Romana: Clay figures, gemstones, flowers, and milk
  • Vesta: Curry, flowers, milk, and vegetables

Best Gifts for Characters From Lei-Over Inn

  • Tei: Food, coins, flowers, and gemstones
  • Lou: Vegetables, fruits, and milk

Best Gifts for Bluebird Cafe, Daryl’s Lab, and Dig Site

  • Gavin: Coins, fish, gemstones, and eggs
  • Daryl: Fossils, eggs, fish, and coins
  • Carter: Salad, sashimi, milk, and eggs
  • Flora: Milk, eggs, vegetables, and soups

Best Gifts for Forest Characters and Other Residents

  • Van: Gemstones, eggs, vegetables, and coins
  • Baddoch: Fish, fossils, coins, and gemstones
  • Pui: Food except for fish and milk
  • Mukumuku: Flowers, fish, eggs, and flowers

Collect the listed items and gift them to the people you want to increase your friendship or relationship with in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. And if this game is interesting for you, check out our list of SoS AWL guides and use the recipes list.