How To Save In Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Follow the steps and save your progress in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

After grinding for a while and applying all your energy to Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, you just want to save and enjoy the progress next time. But now comes the hard question, how to save it. The question is not unreasonable at all, as the saving system of this game is a little different than most games. You do not get the save data option on the main menu, and neither inside any option of the main menu. So read along to know how to save data in SoS A Wonderful Life.

How to Save Game Data in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Save Progress In SoS A Wonderful Life

Players can save data by going to the Journal and selecting the empty data slot. Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is a cozy life simulation that is enjoyed by all age groups, thus having different mechanisms might come as difficult for some players. If you are one of them, then follow the steps below and save your progress.

  • Start the game in any of the systems you are using and choose New Game if you are starting fresh. Complete the character creation and other things the game is guiding you to do.
  • If you are already inside the game then head towards your house to save data in Wonderful Life. Look for the dog house if you cannot find your house.
  • Once you have entered the house, go to the side table filled with books.
  • Now Press the “Examine” button. You will see several game options like Read Journal, Takakura’s Notes, System Options, and Write in Journal.
  • You have to select “Write in Journal” to save Wonderful Life progress.
  • Then you will see three save data slots. Select anyone from the three, and it will save your data.
  • To confirm if your data has been saved or not see the entry of that journal. If the slot recorded time and date matches the time and day you saved, then it has been stored without any issue.

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