How To Feed Dog In Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Keeping your pet fed and happy is crucial for creating a strong bond with them, so use this Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life guide and feed your dog.

If you have just started the Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life and selected the dog, you might be wondering about how to feed it the next day. The feeding system of this version of SoS is different than before. Thus you might get confused and worry about starving that cute and loyal companion. But no need to worry, as you will get an answer to that question and also learn more about the feed system for dogs in SoS A Wonderful Life.

How to Feed the Dog in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

How To Feed Dog Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Surprisingly you don’t need to feed the dog; that is being taken care of by someone who might seem rude and distant to this furry being in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. At the beginning of the game, players get to choose between two dogs. One has pointy ears, and another is a floppy ear dog. Takakura will let you choose one and then take another to find its owner. After which, you can name the selected one and shift it to the dog house. The dog house is built by Takakura, even though he acts like he is not fond of the dog.

Who is Feeding the Dog?

Once your dog has been kept in the dog house, you will see a bowl placed on the side of its house. That bowl is used for feeding the dog in SoS A Wonderful Life. The next day when you wake up and go to feed the dog, you will see that the bowl is already filled with dog food. You’ll start wondering who could have fed the dog apart from you.

To answer your question would be a spoiler, but if you still want to know then keep reading.

The one who feeds the dog is none other than the grumpy and tough-acting Takakura. So you don’t have to worry about your pet starving. This NPC will feed it every day even before your character opens its eyes.

This was all about how and who feeds the dog in the Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. Since you no longer have to worry about feeding your pet, you should plan to get a horse and catch a fish in SoS AWL.