How To Get A Horse In Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Having a Horse in Story Of Season: A Wonderful Life can be a valuable asset while traveling in the valley, if you are looking for one here is how you can get it.

In SoS A Wonderful Life, raising different animals is as important as cultivating crops on the farm. While players can get their hands on different livestock, owning a Horse can turn out to be a valuable asset in the game. Though it does not produce any items that you can ship like many other livestock, it certainly is an effective mode for players to fast travel. Not to mention, you get to choose the color and have it for the entire game for free. So if you want to make your life a little easy in the Forget-Me-Not-Valley, then check out this guide on how to get a Horse in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

How to Unlock & Get a Horse in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

get horse in story of seasons a wonderful life

Players will receive a Horse as a gift from Takakura in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life. You will have to get through till Summer of Year 1 after which Takakura himself will visit you on your farm with the gift. He will then joke about you ordering a horse and once you run off his dialogue, he will ask you to guess its color. Here you will get to choose from three colors brown, black, or white. Choose the color of the horse carefully as you won’t be able to change it afterwards in the game.

Once you get the Horse from Takakura in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life, you will have to place a Feeding Trough for it in your Barn. Players can mount their horse and use it to travel across the Forget-Me-Not-Valley faster in the game. Stand beside it and wait till the Talk button changes to Ride, to mount it. Like the rest of the livestock in the game players will have to feed the horse with fodder and it will take a Barn slot when not used for traveling. You will also have to brush it regularly to keep it clean. Players can also summon the horse by using RB+X on their controller or P+E on their keyboard, except while the horse is asleep.

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