How To Make A Horse In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combinations)

Looking for the step-by-step recipe to create Horse in Infinite Craft? Use this combo sequence to get what you need.

Unlocking Horse at the earlier stage of the Infinite Craft allows us to build complex elements faster. It is an ingredient for recipes of fantasy and actual beings. Anything that can even slightly be associated with it, is possible to craft while experimenting with the combinations. Even elementary units like Earth, Water, Fire, and Brick give us units that are often time-consuming without this.

Using Horse, you can make countries like Mongolia to animals like Hippo, Zebra, Camel, and Mule. Needless to say, those are just a few of the many units we can create. It even lets you craft Unicorn, Pegasus, Centaur, and Hippogriff. Once you have made this unit, you will see the list of combos to use with this right below the recipe.

How to Get a Horse in Infinite Craft

How to Get a Horse in Infinite Craft
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To make a Horse you can combine Hay with Plant. It is highly likely that you have already created the Plant, however, Hay is still not part of your collection. Don’t worry, as you can create them in no time by following these sequence:

  • Take Earth and mix it with Water for Plant.
  • Next, put together Wind and Earth to craft Dust.
  • Mix Dust with Plant to get Pollen.
  • Drag Wind on Pollen for Allergy.
  • Now combine Dust with Water to create Mud.
  • Use Mud and Allergy to craft Hay Fever.
  • Put together two pieces of Hay Fever to get Hay.
  • Combine Hay + Plant to make a Horse.

Alternatively, you can combine the Stable with a Barn or Quality with a Stable to get a Horse. As you keep combining elements, you will find more recipes for crafting it, but for now, these are the easiest.

Recipe Combos With Horse in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Horse in Infinite Craft
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Now that you have Horse, mix it with different units to get these and more:

  • Horse + Horse = Unicorn
  • Horse + Unicorn = Pegasus
  • Horse + Water = Sea Horse
  • Horse + Fire = Phoenix
  • Horse + Earth = Centaur
  • Horse + Brick = Carriage
  • Horse + Carriage = Chariot
  • Horse + Chariot = Car
  • Horse + Fossil = Skeleton
  • Horse + War = Cavalry
  • Horse + Arson = Fire Horse
  • Horse + Money = Bet
  • Horse + Jail = Stable
  • Horse + Stable = Stallion
  • Horse + Steampunk = Steam Horse
  • Horse + Steam Horse = Train
  • Horse + Bread = Donkey
  • Horse + Donkey = Mule
  • Horse + Panic = Stampede
  • Horse + Stampede = Herd
  • Horse + Museum = Trojan Horse
  • Horse + Dance = Ballet
  • Horse + Desert = Camel
  • Horse + Obsidian = Nightmare
  • Horse + Speed = Race
  • Horse + Race = Derby
  • Horse + Flower = Rose
  • Horse + Asia = Mongolia
  • Horse + Flood = Hippo
  • Horse + Africa = Zebra
  • Horse + Pokemon = Ponyta
  • Horse + Nintendo = Mario
  • Horse + Hogwarts = Hippogriff
  • Horse + Oscar = Seabiscuit
  • Horse + tomb = Sarcophagus
  • Horse + Mafia = Mob
  • Horse + Spotify = Pony
  • Horse + 4chan = Brony
  • Horse + Mad Max = Road Warrior
  • Horse + News = Pony Express

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