How To Make Brick In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Here’s the straightforward combination sequence to get Brick in Infinite Craft.

From City to Castle and even Mars, Brick in Infinite Craft has been the ingredient for several important recipes. Since it is a base for most structure elements, this should be one of the first things you craft in the game. It later on can be combined with base and advanced ingredients to get items like Glass and Gargoyle.

While the crafter allows you to combine almost all kinds of things, mixing it with fantasy elements has given the most surprising and occasionally incredible results. If you wish to know about the best things we have crafted from it, stay till the end, as we have got that covered for you.

How to Get Brick in Infinite Craft

How to Get Brick in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

Brick has one of the simplest recipes in Infinite Craft. You just need to combine Mud with Fire and will get the result you are looking for. Not sure how to get the Mud? Follow along and create it.

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Steam + Earth = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick

Alternatively, you can combine two elements of the Mud to create Clay and then mix two pieces of Clay to get the Brick. While we think the first recipe is far easier, but if you still want to experiment, you are free to mix up different ingredients to discover new things.

Recipes That Use Brick in Infinite Craft

Recipes That Use Brick in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

Now that you have this versatile item, you can combine it with these and other elements:

  • Brick + Brick = Wall
  • Brick + Water = Glass
  • Brick + Fire = Kiln
  • Brick + Wind = Kite
  • Brick + Earth = House
  • Brick + Mud = Adobe
  • Brick + Steam = Steam Engine
  • Brick + Island = Prison
  • Brick + Ocean = Atlantis
  • Brick + Cloud = Castle
  • Brick + Heaven = Tower
  • Brick + Angel = Gargoyle
  • Brick + God = Church
  • Brick + Human = Slave
  • Brick + Dust = Sand
  • Brick + Planet = Mars
  • Brick + Child = Toy
  • Brick + Surfboard = Skateboard
  • Brick + Mars = Mars Rover
  • Brick + Volcano = Lava
  • Brick + Fossil = Dinosaur
  • Brick + Fuel = Fireplace
  • Brick + Museum = Statue
  • Brick + University = Architect
  • Brick + Meteor = Moon
  • Brick + Gasoline = Bomb
  • Brick + Smoke = Chimney
  • Brick + Ammonite = Pyramid
  • Brick + Japan = Ninja

That’s all on how to get Brick in Infinite Craft. If this is interesting, you should see our other guides like how to make Sushi, Burger, City and Castle.