Pet Simulator 99: How To Make Enchantment Loadouts

Here’s everything you need to know in order to create an Enchantment Loadout so that you can increase your efficiency and level up faster in Pet Simulator 99.

In Pet Simulator 99, players can unlock different kinds of Pets, collect coins, Enchants, diamonds, etc. Additionally, you can also trade items with friends and strive to climb the leaderboard. However, if you are looking to quickly level up, you must learn how to make Enchantment Loadouts, as this in-game feature can help you boost your efficiency.

Whether you want to focus on getting specific items like diamonds or you want to collect coins and also inflict critical damage at the same time, here’s how you learn to adjust all these magical books and smoothly progress through the game.

How to Make Enchantment Loadouts in Pet Simulator 99

Use all the different slots to build a powerful Enchantment Loadout in Pet Simulator 99
Use all the different slots to build a powerful Enchantment Loadout in Pet Simulator 99

In order to start creating an Enchantment Loadout, open the Pet Square that is located towards the bottom of your screen. From here, click on the Enchants option (book icon). Now use the Enchantment Loadout shortcut, which is a reverse arrow icon that will appear under the “Inventory!” title.

You can start building a powerful Enchantment Loadout by adding all the best Enchants you have unlocked. It is important to note that players will be able to create and customize five Enchantment Loadouts. Additionally, you will be able to add eight Enchantments in each Loadout.

However, in order to start using the first five slots you have to have to reach Rank 11. Similarly, you can get tips on how you can progress through the game by checking out our guide on how you can rank up fast. The last three Premium slots can only be unlocked if you purchase them using Robux.

The Loadouts you create will be based on the items you want to collect. You can either build dedicated Enachtment Loadouts or fill the slots with different kinds of Enchats so that you can focus on unlocking multiple items and be more efficient.

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to create your own unique Enchantment Loadout in Pet Simulator 99. Also, you can continue reading about how you can hatch multiple Eggs at once and learn how you can get the Titanic Silver Dragon, right here on Gamer Tweak.