How To Hatch More Than One Egg At Once In Pet Simulator 99

Wondering how players can hatch multiple eggs in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s everything you will need.

With the newly launched sequel to Pet Simulator X, Pet Sim 99 has garnered enough attention in its starting weeks. However, like its predecessor, one of the most important parts of the game is hatching eggs and getting more pets. Having said that, it’s not worth spending a lot of time doing every single one when you can hatch multiple Pet Simulator 99 eggs at once.

While you will have to progress in the game and reach a higher level than beginners, you will soon be able to hatch more than one egg in PS99. Our guide has covered everything you need on that so do check out all that you need.

How to Hatch Multiple Pet Simulator 99 Eggs

How To Hatch More Than One Eggs At Once In Pet Simulator 99
Image Source: Roblox

To hatch multiple Pet Simulator 99 eggs, players will have to buy more egg hatches. These are available after you break through Area 8 so if you are still fairly new, you will need some patience. Once you reach the area, look for a golden machine with eggs inside it. Players will have to rank up to unlock a few eggs that they can hatch at once in PS99.

While players will have to spend diamonds, it won’t be much of an issue while you are on the lower tiers. Players can get up to 99 eggs to hatch at once which can be extremely valuable in Pet Sim 99. However, getting through all of them will be time-consuming. And as you move forward, the eggs will start getting even more expensive.

If you are yet to reach this stage, we recommend you start your planning by saving up as many diamonds as you can. While spending Robux will enable you to have 15 extra hatches, that option isn’t worth it unless you are swimming in a pile of Robux.

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