How To Get Titanic Silver Dragon In Pet Simulator 99

Wondering how to get the Titanic Silver Dragon in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s everything you need.

With a plethora of new pets available for trading after update 2, being updated with the value listing of each is important. Since getting these pets otherwise is often difficult and up to chance, they are often traded at a premium in the market. Many players are often looking at the value of trending pets in the game. One that has caught our eye is the PS99 Titanic Silver Dragon and players are actively trying to get it.

However, getting this pet is anything but easy with a very low chance of it popping out via egg hatches. Rarely any players have managed to hatch this. Nevertheless, since you are looking to get it, here’s everything you will need.

How to Get Titanic Silver Dragon in Pet Sim 99

PS99 Titanic Silver Dragon Value and Price

Getting the PS99 Titanic Silver Dragon from egg hatches is certainly up to chance. However, apart from trading that is one of the proper ways in which players will get this pet. Pet Sim 99 is still in its early days and this pet was introduced in Update 2 with more to come. So it’s likely that there will be more ways to get the pets soon enough. You can try to make a lucky break through the Free Rewards but it’s unlikely that there will be anything in it for you.

PS99 Titanic Silver Dragon Value and Price

Since trading is normal and the Titanic Silver Dragon is in demand, it’s obvious that players might be looking for its price and value. While it’s not out yet, we are sure that the price will be listed in premiums and you will have to fork out a lot.

However, if you are invested in the game, you can check out the normal trading area or different communities that actively trade for real money. Be warned though that there are definitely scammers out there and you might end up losing your money.

With the RAP not available yet, we can’t speculate the in-game price of the pet. However, rest assured as we will update this guide once more information is available.

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