How To Rank Up Fast In Pet Simulator 99

Looking for the best ways to Rank up fast in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s all you need.

While it’s just a Roblox game, ranking up is quite important if you are new to PS99. Since it slows down as you progress further in the game, you will have the best chances if you are new. While the methods work the same way if you have been playing the game since launch, you will some troubles ahead and this Pet Simulator 99 rank guide will help you get through.

One of the most common mistakes that most players make is forgetting to look at the objectives. While the game is a fun to play and most don’t take it really seriously at first, players will find it hard to rank up once they have progressed further in the game. Which is why, there are a few tips that you should know to level up fast in PS99.

How to Increase Your Pet Simulator 99 Rank

How To Rank Up Fast In Pet Simulator 99
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While collecting piles of Coins and Diamonds is the most obvious way of collecting XP, it is one of the slowest ways of ranking up in the game. The best way to improve your Pet Simulator 99 rank is by completing as many objectives as possible right from the start. There are a few easy objectives like unlocking an area, getting more pets, hatching new eggs, and more. They can help you level up pretty quickly and get you to a higher rank.

The Rank objectives not only provide you with handsome rewards but also help you with your ranking in PS99. That is probably one of the places many players don’t give as much attention to at the start. As you progress to the Adventurer Rank, you will get more challenging objectives and useful rewards like the Crystal Keys that can be helpful. However, at the start they will lineup with your normal gameplay without you having to divert a lot.

Also note that completing higher star tasks will enable you to improve your PS99 rank faster and they are not really that difficult. Once you have a higher star objective available, try to complete it first.

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